Strongest Man

The purpose of this contest is to provide medals and recognition to the MFCA coaches with the strongest player. The strongest player contest will be administered in the following manner:


4.0 grams or less for base and figure total. The MFCA coach may use any figure that has been or is currently being sold on the market. The figure may be customized. Decals, facemasks, and visual accessories are allowed.  The base must be a standard type base common to the miniature football industry and must be approved by the MFCA contest representative. The bases may be altered by removing material but cannot be boiled.

Each MFCA coach may enter up to two players for the contest.

A MFCA representative will determine the speed of the board. The MFCA representative will also administer the pushes and will be the final authority on judging the outcomes of each push.

Push Rules: The contest will be run on a field chosen by the MFCA representative for that event. A single race lane, 23 5/8 inches + 1 inch for base length x 7/8”wide  inner dimensions, will be placed on the center of the field and will not be moved throughout the extent of the contest nor will the fields speed be adjusted once the contests have begun. (It is important that a very consistent speed field be chosen with a motor that is firmly secured to prevent movement of the motor from its original position.) Coaches may bring their men up at any time a MFCA representative is present. They will run two timed pushes against a weighted 7 gram base. A MFCA automatic shut off timer set to 10 seconds will start and stop the field. Upon shutting off, the distance will be recorded in inches to the nearest 1/8” line crossed. The two distances will be combined for a total. The player with the most distance in inches at the end of the contest will receive the official MFCA gold medal.

Tie Scenarios:
Scenario 1) In the case of a tie, the tied coaches will each run one more push with the one achieving the longest distance declared the winner.

Scenario 2) In the case of a tie with both players hitting the finish line before the timer shuts off the timer will be reduced by one second or more by the judge’s discretion. Each player will run one more push with the longest distance recorded declared the winner.

If they are still tied after the previous options, a second weighted base of the MFCA officials choosing will be added behind the weighted base and each player will run one more push with the longest distance recorded declared the winner. If tied after this, the race will be declared a tie and a second medal will be issued.

For the complete MFCA Skills Rules as a Word document, click here.