The purpose of this contest is to provide medals and recognition to the MFCA coaches in the area of quarterback passing accuracy. The quarterback passing accuracy contest will be administered in the following manner:


THE QB: The MFCA coach may use a standard TTQB figure (white or yellow from any era) on a standard base or the G-Force TDQ. The QB can be painted and customized, etc.

THE FOOTBALL: The MFCA coach may use any standard size football that is currently being sold on the market. The larger “EFDW” footballs are not allowed.

THE FIELD: A MFCA passing specific field cover is to be used and may be placed on any tabletop or field.

THE TARGET: MFCA passing target


An MFCA representative will administer the contest and will be the final authority on completed passes.

Each MFCA coach must attempt the following distance passes twice (a total of 10 passes) each with the associated points for each pass:

10 yards: 10 points
20 yards: 20 points
30 yards: 30 points
40 yards: 40 points
50 yards: 50 points

A MFCA target will be placed on the passing field cover in the designated positions. When passing the front of the base must make contact with the playing surface. The pass is complete if the football hits the intended target on the fly.

The winners of the contest will be determined by adding the total number of points accumulated. A perfect score will total 300 points. The winning coach will receive the official MFCA gold medal.

Tiebreaker: The coaches who are tied will play another round (5 passes) to determine the winner. If still tied, a standard Miggle arms spread figure on a base will be placed one base length directly in front of the targets to act as a defender and another 5 pass round will be played. Deflected passes off the “defender” that hit the target do not count. If still tied, the passing contest will be declared a tie and a second medal will be issued.

For the complete MFCA Skills Rules as a Word document, click here.