Painting/Custom Contest

The rules for this fun, creativity encouraged event are simple:

  • You must be a MFCA member to enter.
  • All figures must resemble a realistic football player based on a real or fictional team (No monsters, superheroes, sumos etc).
  • Any production or self molded figure or combination of figures parts can be used.
  • Any extras such as chinstraps, facemasks, towels, hand made parts can be added.
  • Figure must be a finished product i.e. painted and detailed and ready to go on the field.
  • Figure may be manipulated in any way as long as they conform to real bodily proportions.
  • The figure must be created, painted and decaled by you! We have no way of checking this so you will be on your honor.
  • Each coach may enter 3 customs. No more than 2 in any one category.

Three categories
Single Pose
– One figure on one base on a field in any realistic position

Scene –
Two or more figures depicting a football scene. (For example: sacking a QB, catching an INT, gang tackling a runner) The figures in the scene category do not need to be on bases but must be on a field. The figures must interact. In other words, they can’t just be standing their looking at each other or at the camera.

No Decals – One figure on one base on a field in any realistic position. No decals allowed. This must be 100% hand painted