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Issue 15 Winter 2010 – download here

Miggle 2011 Convention, NMEFL Tournament Announcement, How to put down a field cover, Solitaire Whose Who, Ed Roche Solitaire, Derrick Gross-New Coach perspective, National’s Top 64 Coaches part 1


Issue 14 Holiday 2010-download here

2010 Open Run, BAM Super Bowl III, Solitaire Blueprint, The Law Of The Land-Rules, Lessons Beyond X’s & O’s, Get Off The Fence, Sculpting Perfect Arms, Make Your Own Chain Gang, Understanding Vibration


Issue 13 Fall 2010-download here

201o MFCA Convention and CBSMF Championship, 2010 HOF, Great Tweak Off, MFCAL Championship, Mid-Ohio MFL, Hit Me I’m Open, The Bama Blast, Great Weight Debate, Heavy Hitters, Red Cedar Table


Issue 12 Spring 2010-download here

Solitaire, Innovations in Board Building, 2009 Great Lakes Championship, 2010 Beltsville BASH, 2010 Mid America Melee, Scott Hooper, Butch Carter and Phil Gilliam, Defensive Strategies.


Issue 11 Winter 2009-download here

The 2010 Miggle Convention, The 2009 BAM, 2010-A Miniature Football Odyssey, One Heartbeat-Ron Bell, Build A Team with Taylor Throne.


Issue 10 Fall 2009-download here

The 2009 MFCA Convention, The First CBSMF Championship, The 2009 Open Run, Painting With Gridiron, It’s A Small World.


Issue 9 Summer 2009-download here

Don Smith, the CBSMF, 100% Club, The Bash 09, The Bama Blast 09, Tom Ruesink, Greatest Wife, Kicking Cards and more…


Issue 8 Spring 2009-download here

2009 Miggle Convention, Buzzfest 09, League Building, Jim Davis, Make Your Own DVD, Tom Johnson, Boards of the Past, Nick Slate


Issue 7 Winter 2008-download here

Anthony Burgess and the MPFL, 1968, Staining Figures, MFCA Field Goal, The Open Run, Wide Right, PD2520 Review and more!


Issue 6 Fall 2008-download here

The 2008 MFCA Convention, The 2008 MFCA Hall Of Fame Class, The Daley Award, The NEFL, The PEFL, The Most Travelled Field, Painting Skin Tones, How To Make Decals, The CNYEFL, The DSEFL, Meet The EFL Coach, The NCMFL and more.


Issue 5 Summer 2008-download here

The Seawall Brawl, DeWayne Jennings, Painting 101, Players With Depth, A Field For All Seasons, A New Threat From The Air, The Beltsville Bash, BuzzFest, Arch City Huddle, Chris Markum, The Hoosier Heartland Invitational and more.


Issue 4 Spring 2008-download here

Miggle 08, Reg Rutledge, The SB MVP customs, Great Lakes EFL, New York EFL, Build a Board, Motor City Beatdown and more…


Issue 3 Winter 2007-download here

George Diamond, The Unreal league, Columbus Day Bash, The Show VIII, The NHFL, The Charlotte EFL, Texas Shootout and more.


Issue 2 Fall 2007-download here

The Seawall Brawl, Bama Blast, DC Smith, Tudor Evolution, Tudor Factory, Painting, Tweaking, Strategy, Nutt Family and a College Pictorial Review.


Issue 1 Summer 2007-download here

1st edition Arena Ball, LomaX’s and O’s, Lee Payne, Tweaking-Norbert Revels,Kansas Bill, much more…