LomaX’s and O’s Coming Soon


Coming Soon, Coach K-Lo, Kelvin Lomax will lead a discussion and write articles covering the strategies of Miniature Electric Football.


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  1. Coach K-LO says:

    Well, here we are in another EF football season and things are happening like normal here in the local BEFL league.

    This blog will be a way to discuss the many ways of playing winning Miniature Football reguardless of the rules.

    Ultimately it is still football and all football situations that can happen in a real game will happen here.

    I hope to take you on a jouney from the beginning of the football year when the team is first being put together from such things as what team?? What figures for what position?? Should I use customs?? can I make my own?? what bases for each player needs to be tweaked and trained to play a position.

    These are just the beginning process to building a team that can execute your schemes and palys to gain you the “WINNING PIVOT!”

    Coach K-Lo

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