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When looking for a league to play in just what should you be looking for?  For many of us coming back into the hobby location is a limiting factor.  As a group EF coaches are not a large contingent – some are grouped in small pockets of the country – others are some distance from another coach. My shortest trip one way is an hour drive for BAM games and 2 hours one way to play in the CNYEFL.  We do host one play date in the CNY which helps out on the travel.

Obviously, another consideration is the rules set or style of play. As one can see from checking the forum there are many differing rules sets and plenty of discussion about them.

What I have discovered for myself that even more important than the rules by which you play – is who you play with.  Are the other coaches as interested in the game as you are?  Do coaches show up on time or make their league mates wait to play or even worse not show at all! Is the overall experience on game day enjoyable or very tense with arguments every single play / call. Are coaches willing to share and teach or is everything held like a state secret!


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  1. NATIONAL says:

    For me the rules are not that big of a deal. Player weight is more of an issue, but since the popularity of 4.0 has gone up I have painted up a team of 4.0 49ers to play in the BAM league. So now I feel like I’m ready to play any style, and have the proper weight.
    Lateness happens, this is just a past time, and other real issues can come up from time to time. As long as the coach is not a constant repeat offender, it’s no big deal to me.
    With Philly having 2 and at one time there were 3 leagues going on so you had MF all thru the year. There has always been 26-34 coaches right in the Philly/NJ area, no one is more than 40mins away from where we played our games. But we never could get all those guys to play in league. It was either equipement, rules, or some didn’t get along with one another. The UGI league joined the PEFL, and the other league is the NEFL. PEFL plays during the NFL season, the NEFL plays once the NFL is finished. So we have fall and spring leagues. Even still I wanted to play elsewhere. I liked and got along with my guys, but I wanted to see how other leagues did things. I wanted to play against coaches that I only saw at tournaments. So that’s what I did, I played in the Central PA league(later changed to the CBA) I would travel out to Altoona, PA Dumfries, VA and of course Harrisburg to play league games. I joined the BEFL which plays in the Beltsville & Laurel areas of Md.
    So my travel time varied from 10mins to 5 & 1/2 hrs for league games.
    Most people travel because they have to, I did it because I wanted to. I’ve went thru 4 or 5 vechicles in that time, but I wouldn’t trade it in for nothing. Those memories I have are priceless. Watching Roo throw his TTQB off the walls of his APT. Getting woke up by RM at 6am to play a league game when I was crashing at his home (before he had kids!)
    Playing against Vance Warren & Will Travers 67 big men teams….back then, having that stuff was as rare as Doo-Doo bird!
    Did we argue calls…..Hell yeah, but that’s all in the game! We would go out have dinner later, and all is forgotten. The one thing that made all of it worthwhile was that everyone involved loved the game, and we loved each other because of it.


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