Why Join?

This is a letter sent by one of our members to a friend who asked:
What is the advantage to me if I join the MFCA?

You and I are of the older variety of coaches. We surely love the game and it has helped us in our lives, in ways that we can’t always explain. The MFCA is the ONLY organization that is not affiliated with anyone and solely run by its members, who are guys like us. Without us, there is no organization and the future of our favorite hobby is left without any thread to bind those who want to keep its candle burning for the next few generations. The advantage is knowing you are contributing $20 annually, to a cause that is in your corner. I personally feel a part of the member family that is going to try it’s best to keep the hobby alive. It is also a neat place to find stuff like the MFCA magazine, The Tweak.

This is why I joined. The MFCA Mission: Unifying the miniature football hobbyist by promoting miniature football, educating the public and providing a unified association which recognizes and supports the diverse coaches and leagues.

With all the stuff we have spent our hard earned dollars on, this is a cause, a movement, an organization that does something. The men who work behind the scenes do it for their love of the game. That alone is worth my $20.00. I am going to buy an extra bag of 67 Big Men at the upcoming Miggle convention only because I don’t have any more left. Those will cost me $6. . Then I already know I will buy the convention bases at $8, the new improved proline bases in strong double clip, and TTC in both strait and rounded front. The bases will cost me $30. So for nothing more than my own personal desire to have stuff that I probably won’t use most of in my lifetime, I spend. Heck, you might even want me to get you a few things.

For your little contribution you would do more for the hobby then you can in thousands spent on products, at the same time you can support the president and the staff of the MFCA. Your calling, in this hobby, may be in working for the MFCA as a writer or committee member.

So in summation, I support the MFCA because it supports me! I support the MFCA, because when I am sitting  at home thinking about my kicker or tweaking some bases or playing in some league, there are guys contributing time from work and family, to keep the game alive; introducing it to many new coaches.

The MFCA website comes up on the first page when you type in electric football in Google. New coaches can find us there, and that is the only place to find us.  What would a new coach in our region be worth? What would a new team for our league be worth?

20 dollars?

So that is my answer to; what is the advantage to me question. I know I am passionate about it but I am only one guy with over a thousand little men in my attic who do nothing but keep the Rubbermaid container filled.

It would be great to see you join for no other reason than I know you love the game.

In response to the question, ‘Why did you join the MFCA?’ another member posted the following on the forum:

I was amazed when I first saw the site.

I was so impressed, I kept going back to see what was new from time to time.  I really became interested when I saw how many members played solitaire leagues.  I wanted to know about rules, play styles and overall information from these members.  That was reason #1, and at this point I joined the association.

Reason #2 is all the links that the site provides.  These links provide valuable information to solitaire league coaches.  From uniform designs to team and players history it’s all pretty much covered in the links.

Reason #3 was I began to post some threads about my league and its history.  Then I started posting my game results and recaps and finally with the help of a couple of members I learned how to post my game photos.  I can say I was hooked very quickly.

Now I go to the site just about every day.  I have gotten to know some really cool guys and that is because of the site.  I have never met anyone in person yet, but I feel like I have.  What do I get from this site?  Helpful tips, great insight, a few laughs, the concern for other members when they are sick or going through a tough time, confidence and praise from other members to keep getting better at this hobby, a place where I can express a few of my own ideas and most of all the camaraderie of a great group of dedicated people who enjoy the same common interest.

My thanks to the MFCA and the MFCA website.

Sincerely, Mike Veliky….dogwood30…Da Wood.

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