In Memory of Rhianna Rutledge

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Taken from Rhianna’s Facebook
The MFCA wishes to remember one of our own.

rhiannarutledgeRhianna Rutledge, God’s most recent angel. Rhianna was an amazing young woman. She had a smile that would light up the room && big beautiful eyes that could see right through anyone. She had that weird sense of humor that would make any situation fun/funny. Rhi Rhi was into anything and everything possible, from orchestra to IB, from Key Club to Honor Society. She was something GREAT. Rhianna was truly an original. God did not create anyone in the world like her. She definitely marched to her own beat and did not care if anyone else was playing the same tune.She never wanted to be anyone but Rhianna! Her legacy will continue to live on forever. Rhi, you will never be forgotten. Always in our hearts.


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  1. NATIONAL says:

    This was a very classy gesture. Big props to the MFCA!!!!!!!!
    I’m still in shock about this whole thing. It’s just so sickening. I hope to hear from the family soon, I know they are hurting so bad right now. It’s Xmas day, and it’s hard to be really happy when I know my friends are hurting. Rose, RR, lil RR & Michael, please feel free to call. Please lean on your extended family of the MFCA.

    the F.O.T.H.

  2. davidmc says:

    This is devestating news. Please know that the entire Rutledge family is in our prayers. May God be with you during this dificult time.

  3. Coach k-lo says:

    I am heartbroken and sadend by this tragic news. My prayers goes out to the Rutledge family.

  4. NEW CASTLE HiTMEN says:

    Very sad news. If the Rutledge family needs anything, Please let me know what I can do. Prayers are going out to you and yours.

  5. broncomanorange says:

    Reggie and Rose I am sending you all my deepest condolences. Your entire family will be in my prayers.

    May God keep you all during this difficult time.

    God Bless.

    Tracey Turner

  6. steeler1 says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God must of needed a good one. Reggie stay strong for the rest of your love ones and may God bless

  7. John Oubre says:

    I could not/didn’t want to believe it when I heard this from David Haydel. I haven’t been on the website due to surgery. My prayers go out to the Rutledge family.

    Keep the faith.

  8. Will Grant says:

    Very sorry to hear this tragic news. My prayers go out to Reggie and the family.

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