How would you display this game set?

DSCF0001aHere is an old model 500 board with the standard players which are the bigger players that came with the game in the early ’60’s. For the most part it is a complete set. I took this pic with it set up just like it was on the box cover. One of my better condition sets. DSCF0001b    DSCF0004a

I have painted the players and endzone flags as they appear on the box and will recreate the setting as it appears on the box as close as possible. My idea is to build a diaplay table for it  and then to have a plex cover made for it and to have the box displayed on the wall over it. I plan to do the same with a couple more my sets. Is it really worth that much trouble? I definetly will never use the figures to play actual games put I want to preserve it in some way. What would you do?


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  1. Dimitri says:

    I should try to keep it the most “as is” possible, and useable. As a collectable toy, you should try to keep it playable, even if you don’t play with that. IMHO 😉

  2. Along with the set on display, I would mount a tablet next to it that describes what it is, the year of its inception, the painters name, etc. You can create your own electric football museum.


    The Electric Coach

  3. Coach k-lo says:

    electric coach makes good point. you can treat it like a museum piece. That would not be my first selection, but it is a good one to start with and if you display enough, you will have a timeline developed.

    if I was to put any fields on display …. it would be 1) Vikings vs. Chiefs game; 2) AFL vs. NFL with the Jets vs. Colts

  4. eflfanatic says:

    Since I do work in the Museum exhibit industry, my displays will be built with “Museum Quality” in mind. If I do put a plex top on them it will be removeable to allow the games to be played with. Will do a timeline with the different sets that I have. If you followed my thread in the forum entitled “EF Room and Museum” you know kind of where I was headed with this project. Unfortunately it has had to be put on hold, since my wife and I have decided to sell our house and probably look at down sizing However I do still plan on keeping most of my EF stuff. However until that happens I will be drawing plans and figuring out what I am going to do with evrything. Thanks for all the comments.

  5. efzone says:

    If it was me, I would keep the set as a collectors piece and display it just like you did by replicating what was on the set box to show people what electric football sets were like back in the 1960’s as they actually were.

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