How To: Make Your Excalibur Brand Field Run Better.

Excalibur-Field-RepairA couple of years ago, Excalibur came out with a new version of electric football called “vibrating football”. Unfortunately, the game was not very well designed and was a poor reproduction of the original game. Luckily, one of our newest members of the MFCA from way up North in Canada was not willing to throw his to the curb or bury it alive in his back yard. Here is a video tutorial on how to fix the Excalibur board and its really pretty easy to do.

I Fixed the Excalibur Field by Shane Hoopfer!

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic


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  1. Dimitri says:

    that’s a great tutorial. The only issue is that now these boards price will raise ! lol

  2. Blackpaws says:

    I bought one of these in a yard sale. Mine was missing figures and othe key play pieces. I have most of it, but not enough to play. I also couldn’t get Excalibur to answer me either, when I tried to contact them for replacement parts, even though I was willing to pay for them. Anyone know how to go about getting game pieces?

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