Harrisburg Pro Buzzball League Championship


Buzzbowl XIII Recap

The field was set, the teams arrived and the coin was tossed for Buzzbowl XIII. The Bills won the toss and defered to the second half.

The Cowboys took the kickoff and proceeded to move the ball right into Buffalo territory. Troy Aikman opened the game with a run for 30+ yards and just two plays into the game Dallas was in scoring position. The pace slowed down and on a key 3rd down and 8 Aikman hit Alvin Harper on an out pattern for exactly (8) yards and it was first goal for the Cowboys. On the final play of the first quarter Tony Dorsett took the handoff and found the end zone to put the Cowboys up 7-0.

The Bills took a touchback on the kickoff and Ryan Fitzpatrick came out throwing. On first down he had Fred Jackson wide open down the field but the white stick pass fell incomplete. The Bills would go three and out on their opening drive and they were forced to punt.

The Cowboys didn’t waste much time and with the clock winding down to the half they quickly moved the ball into Buffalo territory again. With three plays left until halftime Tony Dorsett took the handoff and once again found the end zone and the Cowboys led 14-0 just before halftime. The Bills opted to go to the half after another touchback on the kickoff and a run for no gain.

The Bills came out in the second half with a different game plan. After not getting one first down the entire first half something had to change. So they sat Ryan Fitzpatrick and brought in Vince Young. WHO?! Vince Young?! Didn’t he get cut after the third preseason game? That’s the great thing about Buzzball. Just because he was cut in the NFL doesn’t mean he can’t play Buzzball.

So did Vince have any magic left in him? The Bills looked like an entirely different team in the second half. Young brought the Bills to the line and engineered a drive that ended when Fred Jackson hit the end zone. TOUCHDOWN BUFFALO! The PAT was good and Dallas led 14-7.

Despite the surge by the Bills the night belonged to Tony Dorsett and the Cowboys would not be denied their second Championship in League history. Dorsett took the kickoff out just beyond the (30) yard line and one play later Dorsett scored his third rushing touchdown on the night. The Cowboys lead was 21-7 and that’s all they needed.

Alvin Kyle and his Dallas Cowboys are Buzzbowl XIII Champions for the second time in League history.

The Coach of the Year was Lenny Hargrave

The League MVP was Tony Dorsett.

Preseason for the HCBL begins next Tuesday night at Capital City Church

Buzzbowl XIII PreviewBuzzbowl XIII – Buffalo Bills (6-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys (7-3):

Who in the world of Buzzball is playing in Buzzbowl XIII?! No Raiderman? No George Diamond? Really? We knew they wouldn’t play each other in Buzzbowl XIII being they were both in the NFC this year but neither of them made it to the game? We got word they will be at the game. Raiderman will be the head ref and George will be taking pictures. So for the first time since the 2006 season when the Bears played the Broncos in Buzzbowl VII neither Raiderman or George will be one of the coaches in this game.

Enough about who is not in the big game; let’s look at who is playing this year. The Dallas Cowboys coached by Al Kyle are a veteran team with a veteran coach. Al knows how to win big games and he is one of the original coaches left in the league from the first season.  Al won Buzzbowl V back in the 2004 season when he knocked out the heavily favored Raiders 13-7. Since that season his availability for league play has been rocky but these past two seasons he has the Cowboys contending. Now he’s just one game away from his second title in League history.

On the other sideline is a coach who is setting his own League records. Steve Vanderdonk is the rookie coach of the Buffalo Bills. Steve just learned how to play Buzzball this past fall during preseason. He quickly ordered his Bills team and picked up the game very fast. While his work schedule this season did earn him a couple of forfeit losses in the regular season that didn’t stop him from winning the games he was able to play. Steve is the first rookie coach to make it to a Buzzbowl in their first season. Chris Mumma came the closest two years ago but he played half the previous Pro League season and the College Season before making his run in the Pro League in 2010.

Both teams feature a dynamic running back that will score on any given play. Tony Dorsett has been a threat for years in the HPBL and Fred Jackson for Buffalo has run past the competition this year and through the playoffs. If the Bills were able to play all their season games Fred may have been an MVP candidate as well. Neither team passes the ball very well and both defenses are vulnerable. That being said, look for a high scoring game with a lot of rushing yards. The most points scored in a Buzzbowl game were (45) back in Buzzbowl VI when the 49ers beat the Raiders 24-21. That record could be broken this year.


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