Harrisburg (PA) Pro Buzzball League 2010 – Week 2

Jets defense from the Harrisburg Pro Buzzball League

Jets defense from the Harrisburg Pro Buzzball League

Week 2 Recap
The Ravens and Cowboys could not make it on week two but the games still went on. With the exception of the Titans and Colts game every game came down to the final play.

Game of the Week: 49ers @ Steelers
This game between these two should have received a lot more hype and got a lot more attention. It wasn’t scheduled to be played until week 4 but because the Ravens and Cowboys could not make it last night the 49ers played in Pittsburgh. These two coaches played in the 2009 HPBL Championship Game. Clint Snyder is still coaching the 49ers but Raiderman has moved on to the Steelers.

In the first half it was all Steelers. A key interception by Joe Montana set up a field goal right before the half that gave the Steelers a 10-0 lead and they would receive the ball to start the second half. In the second half the 49ers rebounded. The Steelers drove the ball inside the 49ers five yard line to begin the second half. First and goal from the four and it looked like the Steelers would blow the game wide open. A key (19) yard loss followed by a Ben Roethlisberger interception ended the drive. The 49ers dinked and dunked their way down the field and Dexter Carter finally made his presence known with a (59) yard touchdown run that put the 49ers within (3). That’s as close as they would get though as the Steelers ran out the clock and secured the 10-7 win.

Saints @ Bears:
After coming within one two-point conversion of beating the Steelers last week we looked for the Saints to return to reality in week two. I mean a 17-16 loss to the Steelers is good but let’s face it, no one else is going to take it easy on the Saints……. are they? [Enter Reggie Bush]. Well within two plays of the game starting Reggie Bush had (80) yards and a touchdown. So much for the Saints not being for real. They would take that 7-0 lead into the half. Bears received the second half kickoff. As for the Bears, they suffered a week one loss in Dallas but they moved the ball all over the field. They did manage to play a lot better defense for the remainder of the first half allowing Reggie only (22) yards. So the second half would surely be all Bears. Their first drive of the second half was the Devin Hester show. He touched the ball on four of the first five plays including play #5 that was a (45) yard touchdown pass to him. 7-7 tie. Here comes reality for New Orleans…………. if you consider a ten play drive that ends in the end zone reality. Reggie Bush only had one carry in those ten plays but fullback Heath Evans and Drew Brees did the rest. 14-7 Saints with three plays to go. [Enter Devin Hester]. Hester goes for (23) yards on the kickoff and on play two he catches a pass that goes for (77) yards….TOUCHDOWN BEARS!! Tie game! Or is it? Bears opt for the 2-point conversion. Last week the Saints went for two and didn’t get it and lost by one. Would they lose this week by one? Prior to this upcoming play the Bears rushed for (-11) yards on (3) carries. They passed for 159 yards and two touchdowns on 5 of 7 completions. So one play from the five yard line down by one. The Bears call for a run!! THEY CALLED FOR A WHAT?! Handoff Matt Suhey is the call. Suhey takes it to the two yard line before getting smacked by a Saints defensive tackle. 14-13 SAINTS WIN!!

Titans @ Colts:
In the Titans debut of the 2010 season they took care of business on the road in Indy. The Titans completed the trifecta (did I really use the word trifecta?!) passing for a touchdown, rushing for a touchdown and taking the opening kickoff to start the second half back for a touchdown. It was all Tennessee in typical George Diamond fashion with no one player dominating the stats. The Colts added a late touchdown in the 4th quarter but it was too little too late. The Titans already beat that dead horse! 21-7 Titans over the Colts.

Jets @ Eagles:
In the past we have had rookies in the HPBL that have been just that….. ROOKIES! They have done some of the dumbest stuff during the season. One season there were two rookies and both were so bad neither one of them won the rookie of the year award because neither was worthy of any award!! That is clearly not the case this year. The Saints rookie coach is adjusting just fine and so is the Jets coach. This game opens with the Eagles using the entire first quarter running the ball well and Hershel Walker puts the Eagles up 7-0 on the final play of the first quarter. The Jets answer with some great running of their own when Freeman McNeil takes it (20) yards and ties the game 7-7. The Eagles would get in field goal range just before the half and take a 10-7 lead into halftime. The Jets open the second half getting the ball and proceed to march (80) yards and Ken O’Brien takes it the final (15) yards to put the Jets up 14-10! Hershel, Hershel, Hershel!! Six of the final (8) plays had the ball in the hands of Hershel Walker. The key play was the 71 yard run on 3rd and 16 that put the Eagles in business inside the Jets ten yard line. The Jets would hold though forcing a 4th and goal from the (8) yard line. On the final play of the game Randall Cunningham threw an (8) yard pass to Hershel Walker for the game winning touchdown. 17-14 Eagles!


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