Happy Birthday to Mike Daley!


Mike Daley works hard to run a successful buisness, supports our hobby and has time for many of his own hobbies including fishing. Mike is a great example for business owners everywhere on how to enjoy life to its fullest while maintaining success and giving back to the community!

For the last three years the MFCA has had a contributor who has gone above and beyond with his financial support of our hobby. This last month was his birthday. The MFCA wants to thank Mike Daley of Daley Plastering of Royersford, PA and wishes you a Happy Birthday!

The MFCA would not have been able to accomplish what it has to this date without Mike’s generosity! Mike’s support of our hobby is especially unique in that he does not play the game these days, but he had such fond memories of it from childhood, that he felt it was important that this game and hobby  continue to grow allowing future generations to be able to enjoy the experience of miniature electric football.

Thanks Mike and enjoy another great year!


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  1. frankb says:

    Happy Birthday Mike, and many thanks for all you do for us.

  2. Dimitri says:

    Joyeux anniversaire de la France ! You have to know that MFCA is also international now ! Thanks !

  3. RavennaAl says:

    Hope you had a teriffic day, Mike! Thanks on behalf of the entire MFCA for all your support. It is deeply appreciated!

  4. THE FOTH says:

    Thanks Mike, you have been helping out behind the scenes since the MFCA has started. Your donations to this sport/hobby have been key in us getting to this point.
    Wish you much success with Daley Plastering…..


  5. Treks1 says:

    Happy Birthday Mike! The coaches and hobbyist in the MFCA really appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for our organization!

    Steve Martin
    MFCA Member number 4

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