First Downs

Hand Made Custom Field: 1979  Ralph and Mark Miller  Others of note: Vince Peatros, 1989, Inglewood Ca. Two years later, together with Bill Porche, created Monster Boards, which is now called Field of Dreams.
How To Build A Board Website year? Jerry McGhee
Internet Publication: year?  The Read (Red) Zone-Bill & Mark Klingbeil
Published Newsletters: year?  Stadiumtalk-Reginald Rutledge   Outside the Lines-Jim and Annette Jackson
Non Production Custom Figure: Larry Walker  Other early customizers of note: Dirk Thomas, Jon Thomas,
The Box: year? Roddy Garcia
8 Prong Directional Dial: year? Mark and Bill Klingbeil
4 Prong Directional Dial: Munroe early 1970’s  Designed for “arrow” bases
Sticks: 2000 Vance Warren
Current Sticks system: George Diamond, Paul Bartels
ATTAC Passing system: (2003?) Mike Pratt, Rich Parks, Aaron Johnson, Paul Bartels  Developed for the NHFL as a way to combine sticks and standard TTQB passing.
Modern scale size spring operated QB: Geno Hendricks-TDQ
Modern scale size spring operated kicker: Geno Hendricks-TDK  Note: 1970 Custom spring added to TTQB kickers to give added support 1970 Jim Jones. Popularized by Al Dunham around 2006.
Boiled bases: Vince Peatros
Field Covers: Marc Thompson Other early field cover makers of note: Mark Kistner
Decals: year?  Mark & Bill Klingbeil  Decal makers of note: Mike Beal-extensive varieties and distribution, Bryan Nutt-first precut decals for the hobby
Facemasks: year? Buzzball  George Diamond
Chinstraps: year? Electric Gridiron  DeWayne Jennings
Production Three Dimensional Figures: Lee Payne-Tudor
Floating Football: Anthony Burgess
Rules 2000: 2000 Vance Warren, Anthony Burgess
Custom Stadium: year? Reginald Rutledge
Production Stadium: year? Miggle Created by Steve Martin with architect, Russel Baltimore
Non Production Bases year? Bruno Clark
Internet Broadcast of a Live Game 2009 Reginald Rutledge
Non Production Footballs year? Bill Grant