Keith Chalmers, Sr.

Keith Chalmers, Sr.

Currently in three known leagues: NEFL, BEFL, and I-95

MEFA League Runner-up, Columbus Day Bash Champion

Capitol City Clash Champion, MEFA League Champion, MEFA Coach of the Year, Columbus Ohio College Champion, Columbus Ohio #1 All-American M.V.P.
MEFA League Runner-Up, Bama Blast College Champion, Capitol City Clash Champion, Buzzball Winterfest Champion, BWCFL League Champion, Harrisburg Buzzball College League Bowl Champion

Buzzball Winterfest Runner-Up, Beltway Brawl Runner-Up, BWCFL League Champion, MEFA League Champion, Capitol City Clash Champion

Bama Blast Coaches Challenge Champion (paired with Hall of Famer Adrian Baxter), Buzzball Winterfest Runner-Up, Columbus Day Bash Champion

BEFL Summer League Champion, BEFL Conference Champion

BEFL College League Rose Bowl Champion, Miggle 7Tournament Champion and winner of FIRST Ring, BEFL Summer League Champion, High Voltage League Champion

Bama Blast College Runner-Up, Bama Blast Pro Runner-Up, BEFL Summer League Champion

BEFL League Runner-Up, BEFL Division Champion, BEFL AFC Champion, BEFL Green Room Rumble Champion, NEFL Division Champion

BEFL Bash runner-Up, NEFL Division Champion, NEFL Super Bowl XI Champion, KSEFL League Weighted Champion

BEFL Bash Champion, BEFL League Runner-Up, NEFL Division Champion

Baltimore EFL Weighted Champion, NEFL Super Bowl XIII Champion

BEFL League Champion, BEFL Division Champion, NEFL Division Champion

BEFL All-Star Team Co-Champion, NEFL Division Champion, BEFL Thanksgiving Day Bowl Runner-Up

Beltsville MFCA Champion, Beltsville MFCA 3.4 Champion, Bama Blast MFCA Champion, Richmond MFCA Final 8 , Beltway Turkey Bowl Champion

Despite his sometimes “Salty” exterior, Big Keith has a heart of gold. He has competed at the highest levels and a true champion through and through. His resume speaks for itself.

Personally, he is a great dad, loyal friend, and wonderful league mate. He has mentored several coaches and is an ambassador for our hobby.

I am truly honored to have competed against him and am proud to call him as true friend.