Jim Davis

Jim Davis

1969 – 1977: The West Side Detroit EFL
1991 – 1999: The Detroit EFL
1999 – The Ann Arbor EFL
2000 – Present: The Great Lakes EFL
2004 – 2005: The Akron EFL
The Detroit City College EFL
2006 The Seawall Brawl
AJ’s College Tournament
Several BuzzBall Tournaments
2009 CBSMF Big Ten League and Tournament
All of the Miggle Tournaments
Great Lakes EFL
Sea Wall Brawl
Detroit West Side EFL
Detroit EFL
Ann Arbor EFL
Great Lakes EFL
Akron EFL
Aaron Johnson College Tournaments
Every Miggle Convention and Tournament
Buzzball Tournaments
Buzzball Winterfest Tournaments
Seawall Brawl Tournaments
Capitol City Clash Tournaments
Bama Blast Tournaments
MFCA Conventions and Tournaments
Tudor Convention and Tournament

Miggle’s 2009 National Champion
Ann Arbor EFL 1999 Champion
Akron EFL 2004/2005 Champion
AJ’s College Tournament Champ
3 times champ and 2 times runner up of the West Side Detroit EFL
Detroit EFL 1-time runner up
Great Lakes EFL 1-time runner up
Led every league played with in rushing
GLEFL Champion
3 times Detroit West Side EFL champion with Oakland, Buffalo and San Diego
Ann Arbor EFL in 2000 aka The Great Lakes EFL champion with Detroit Lions over Ken Allen
AJ College Tourney champion
Akron EFL champions in 2005/2006 with the Detroit Lions over Will Shropshire-Undefeated season
Miggle Tournament 2009 national champion with Oakland Raiders over Norbert Revels
Great Lakes EFL 2009/10 champions with Houston Texans over Ali Rozier
Great Lakes EFL 2011/2012 champions with Oakland Raiders over Jamel Goodloe
TOC Capitol City Clash 2013 champion with Detroit Lions over Will Chalmers
TOC Bama Blast 2013 champion with Buffalo Bills over Rafiyq McDanul
TOC MFCA / TOC 2013 Champion with Buffalo Bills over Will Chalmers
Great Lakes EFL 2013/2014Super Bowl champion with San Diego Chargers over Ken Allen
3 TOC regional championships in 1 year
The MFCAL 2014 champion
2 Final four in TOC Tournaments in 2015
2 runner-ups in Detroit West Side EFL
1 runner-up in the Great Lakes EFL
Buzzball final 4
DFW final 4 in the AFC with only 1 loss to Michael Robertson
Nationally known as one of the best base tweakers out there

I’m nominating Jim Davis because of not only the above accolades but because he also has been a great mentor to many in this hobby, including myself. He is one of the most enthusiastic people in this hobby. He taught many how to play including his two daughters Shyenne (who won 2 Miggle championships) and Jaya (who made it to the Miggle championship game her first year). He has befriended many around the country while keeping the spirit of EF alive in the Great Lakes area.

Jim Davis is the very essence of the MFCA and electric football. He is not only one of the greatest tweakers of all time, but his game play is legendary and his persona towards the game is a great asset to the hobby. I met him at the first Miggle Convention, and ever since then he has always showed a high level of sportsmanship, fellowship and class towards other coaches and the hobby. You can ask many coaches…a tourney without Jim Davis is one without a lively person, who brings joy to the room and livelyness. I hope the MFCA Hall of Fame committee considers Jim Davis for this award, because of his dedication as a coach and his dedication to helping new coaches. Bottom line…he has not been one to win all the big tourneys like perhaps a Adrian Baxter or Ron Bell, but has done more for the “art” of coaching, by helping others to be better coaches.

Difficult to put in one paragraph why Jim is a Hall of Famer. He’s Mister Miniature Football… Certainly a master tweaker over many, many years. His Hulk bases are well known, and he is an excellent coach. His approach to the game is as much like a real coach as you could have in a hobby. He’s a proven winner, capturing the Miggle ring last year and is always in the Great Lakes Playoffs. He finished second two years ago and is in the G.L. Super bowl this year. I believe he won a GL. championship in year one or two, and I believe he has also won Buzz Ball Tournament. I think he has been to every Miggle convention, our regional convention, Buzz Ball, Sea Wall Brawl and played in the DFW in Texas. He a big guy with a heart of gold, he loves the hobby, he loves the coaches. He been a great supporter of the MFCA as well on the chat board and its functions. It would not even be the same hobby with this coach! I hope I am the fifth person to nominate him… really a no brainer in my book that Jimmy deserves to be in the HOF.
And he is a loving father and a great husband.