Eric Robinson & Dave Campbell

campbell-robinsonEric Robinson

College Black All Stars

Dave Campbell


Personal History:

  • ERob’s love for the game began in the mid 70s.  His older cousins had the Steelers -V- Cowboys.
  • They would have epic battles, but ERob wasn’t allowed to touch their men.  ERob would sneak and play EF when his cousins were not present.  He couldn’t believe how fast and straight the skilled players were.
  • Robinson received his own game board in 1979.  The teams were Broncos -V- Cowboys.  He immediately painted the Broncos into The Oakland Raiders, and began thrashing those HATED COWBOYS.  He couldn’t get the game to perform properly until meeting Anthony Price in 1981.  Price beat him for a full year until his older cousins passed down their equipment to him.  After receiving his cousins equipment.  He proceeded to whip Anthony Price for a full year.
  • In 1999 his love for the game was rekindled when he met Bill Porsche via Miggle Toys.   Porsche later introduced him to Vince Peatros.
  • By 1999 he became an active participant in the LAEFL, and the electric football renaissance that was sweeping the internet thanks to Miggle Toys.

Achievements and Career Highlights:

  • Won 2 Tournaments Championships (Duel in the Desert 2002 [Baltimore Ravens], Eric & Dave’s Open Run 2012 [Miami Dolphins]
  • Duel in the Desert Runner-up 2001 [Baltimore Ravens] LAEFL Runner-up 2002 [Oakland Raiders], 2004 [Tampa Bay Buccaneers], 2013 [Miami Dolphins].
  • Miggle Toys Good Vibrations Award 2006
  • LAEFL Coach of the Year 2004
  • CBSMF Defensive Player of the Year
  • Promotion of the hobby/LAEFL on KTLA, FOX, & CBS Television
  • Promotion of the hobby/LAEFL in malls, restaurants (Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters etc;
  • Co founder of Eric & Dave’s Open Run annual Miniature Football Tournament
  • Consultant/Participant: Nissan Shift Passion Electric Football Mini – Documentary
  • Participant in DFL Miniature Football TV Pilot

If you have photos and/or stories you would like to share about Eric and/or Dave, please send them to: Email the MFCA Hall of Fame

mpg version Dave Campbell EFL Hall of Fame Speech

avi version Dave Campbell EFL Hall of Fame Speech