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Corey “Mr. National” Johnson


Personal History:

  • Started playing at age 8 or 9, when his cousin Eric Lowrey got a board, he was fascinated by the movement of the players
  • Soon, his first board was a Tudor 660, followed by numerous 620s and teams bought at thrift stores, and teams from Tudor directly
  • He and his cousin spent many a late night playing games, sometimes till 2 or 3AM on weekends
  • Soon he had close to 28 teams and was playing solitaire with extensive schedules and records being kept
  • His two best teams were the Packers and Oilers, because of James Lofton and Earl Campbell, his favorite players

Achievements and Career Highlights:

  • Original MFCA Board of Director (BOD) member
  • Received the MFCA Presidents Award 2009
  • MFCA Coach of the Year 2010
  • Voted #10 All-time in the 64 Greatest Coaches Countdown.
  • Captured the 2010 MFCA Championship
  • Won back to back Green Room Rumbles 2003, 2004
  • 2010 Beltsville League Champion
  • Won the Urban Gridiron Philly Title with a perfect season
  • Most ever tournament appearances of any coach with entries in, Miggle, MFCA, Beltsville Bash, Capital Clash, Buzzball, Seawall Brawl, Texas Shootout, Eric & Dave’s Open Run, Tom Ruesink charity event, just to name a few
  • In league play he’s a driving force behind the NEFL in Philly, and enjoys playing in every league on the east coast, Harrisburg, BAM, Beltsville, High Voltage, etc…
  • Holds record for most wins in NEFL, Most Points scored (65), first 16-0 Season 2010, 11 time division Champion, 3 Conference Championships, Superbowl runner-up his rookie season
  • Co-Creator of the Green Room Rumble Tournament
  • Promotes EF through many interviews, publications and just by showing up at any and all EF events at his own personal cost
  • Tireless worker for the MFCA
  • Most well-known coach across the country – simply National
  • Always puts the game first, above personal achievement

Personal Life:

  • Parents – Gail & Charles Johnson
  • Oldest of 3 boys. Brothers – Torey & David
  • Son – Casey J. Johnson
  • Known as Mr. National to most and is the undisputed Face of the Hobby (FOTH)
  • He will never stop playing or fellow-shipping with the great people of this hobby

The Mr. National Story

I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first saw Electric Football at a cousin’s house. I was fascinated with the way the players moved by themselves.  A friend of my parents also had a game and a few teams; he would invite me and some other kids over to play. I had seen enough I had to get one myself. I can’t recall the first set I got, it may have been a 660. My mother would take me to Toys r us or Kiddie City to get a new board. My dad did construction work and shopped for his work clothes at various thrift stores. Through his shopping adventures I got a lot of my 620 size boards and different teams.

Soon enough I was ordering teams from Tudor. I tried painting a few teams but never liked the way they turned out so I would order them. Before long I was close to having all 28 teams. My cousin and I would get together on the weekends and play games til 2 or 3AM in the morning. He also had a bunch of teams and we would talk on the phone to make up the schedules of which teams would play. I would win a majority of the match ups.   Through my cousin, I found other opponents to play, I would go to them or they would come to us to play.  During the week or when we couldn’t have company I had my own league going. Didn’t even know there was a name for it (solitaire), I kept stats and had Super Bowls. My favorite players in the NFL were Earl Campbell & James Lofton. Oddly enough the Oilers & Packers were my 2 best teams and met several times in the Super Bowl.

My dad had bought a pool table but not much pool got played on it. I turned it into EF table that could hold 3 boards and I would gather some of the kids around my neighborhood to have tournaments. We would pass with our hands and board stayed on while we passed. We threw with a small piece of play-dough, and used Front of Base tackling. I can’t remember how many tournaments we held but I won all but one of them. A kid using the broncos defeated me, and to this day I tell him he cheated because he got an extra timeout! In the mid to late 80’s when Nintendo came out with Tecmo Bowl we stopped playing with the EF teams. Tecmo Bowl was quicker to set up and it was instant fun.

Years went by without me touching my red bag with all my teams in it.

Some years later I would get the plugged in newsletter. I guess my info was still in the data base when the Landsman’s took over. I was shocked to see that guys were still playing. I even pulled out my guys to set up a play for the video contest. But I was afraid of flying and those tournaments were in Chicago. When a Miggle Newsletter announced they were coming to Philly, was excited and wondering if I should attend, fearing it was probably for a bunch of nerds. I doubt if anyone will be there. Well I stopped by Saturday evening and asked the guy at the door. He said it was closed but come back Sunday morning. Well I did. I saw all the new stuff. I saw a room full of people. My heart was beating so fast. That feeling I had when I first saw the game was back. I actually had to walk outside the hotel to catch my breath. I could not believe what I was seeing. I called my cousin, but he had no interest in seeing it. I went back inside and was walking around looking like a deer in the headlights. Pat Morris took time to talk with me and showed me some of Dirk Thomas’s work. He actually introduced me to him. He asked me where I was from, I said Philly. He said you have a bunch of guys here to play with. Then he took me to meet Myron Evans. The rest is history I will never stop playing or fellow-shipping with the great people of this hobby.

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