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Ron Bell

Dolphins & Saints

Personal History

  • Ron saw his first EF game by age 4
  • His oldest brother got the game in 1972, Tudor Super bowl, Dolphins/Cowboys and then again the next year he got the Dolphins/Redskins, allowing Ron more exposure
  • He received his first game in1978, the Broncos/Cowboys and he continued to receive games and teams almost every Christmas for a few years after that
  • He continued to play in local neighborhood tournaments through high school losing only one game in a ten year span
  • He won several Miggle tournaments under the straight out of the bag rules format which is still considered one of the toughest sets of rules to play by

Career Highlights and Achievements

  • Attended 11 Miggle tournaments, and appeared in 5 Super Bowls
  • Won a combined total 4 Miggle Superbowls, the most by any player to date
  • He won it back to back to back in 2000, 2001, 2002 and then again in 2007
  • Founding member of the New Orleans Electric Football League (NOEFL) in 1999, now called the Jefferson-Orleans Electric Football League
  • He won nine out of twelve NOEFL championships
  • When it comes to passing the ball, he is deadly accurate with his ‘thumb-slinger” approach
  • He holds his league record for career passer rating with a whopping 103
  • He mentors many players in his home state in this great hobby
  • He selflessly gives his time to help promote the hobby and has spoken on several radio programs, including the nationally syndicated Dan Patrick show, making the phrase “played their plastic butts off” a “buzzworthy” catch-phrase.

Personal Life

  • Wife – Tessie, three kids; Blake, Brenna, and Brooks
  • His favorite thing in the world is being a dad
  • He’s a former college baseball player, playing shortstop his entire life. Graduated from Florida Tech. Attended law school and was States Attorney in Louisiana
  • He currently coaches baseball and softball and he’s the number one cheerleader at gymnastics and karate tournaments for his kids.

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