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Myron Evans

Personal History

  • This legendary coach and hobbyist, was first exposed to Electric Football around the age of nine, during Tudor’s reign
  • As a youngster, he and a dozen friends formed a league that coined its Super Bowl the Electron Bowl
  • In his neighborhood he played a total of 7 Electron Bowls with his teams winning 6 championships
  • During his young formative years he played with two teams alternating them from season to season.  First starting out with the Broncos and Buccaneers, then painting the Broncos to the Bears showing his skills as a painter and hobbyist
  • This coach played up until his senior year in High School and didn’t play again until he read a USA article in 1994 by Miggle Toys
  • Entered the first Miggle Superbowl for Electric Football along with best friend and assistant coach Anthony Austin also from Philadelphia, PA
  • Together they used the Bears to compete against fellow MFCA Hall of famers Bill and and Mark Klingbeil only to see the Oilers win 16 to 14 behind a strong running game
  • Based on this positive EF experience he set a goal to start a league in his home city of Philadelphia, so on 14 June 1997 the PEFL was born at Legends Sports bar owned by former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski
  • Based on his contributions he brought back the popularity of EF to Philadelphia where EF/MF still thrives on the east coast with 30 plus coaches

Career Highlights and Achievements

  • Played in the first Super Bowl of EF at Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Chicago.
  • Contributed to the first rules of the Super Bowl and was a part of the evolution of the rules in the following years some of which are still the core of the rules today.

  • Founded the Philadelphia EFL in June of 1997 along w/co-founder Anthony Austin which spun-off two other leagues the  NEFL and the Urban Gridiron EFL.
  • Awarded Miggle’s Man of the Year Award at the 1998 Convention in Cleveland
  • Founded the PEFL newsletter “First and Ten”
  • He’s won one PEFL championship and 2 second place finishes
  • He’s competed in numerous tournaments (Capital City Clash, Texas Shootout, Summer Slam, Bama Blast, Miggle Tournament)
  • Advised Coaches across the country on how to start a league
  • This coach is well respected as player and referee at many tournaments

Personal Life

  • Son of Jereal and Kate Evans
  • Brother:  Dexter Evans
  • Wife :  Anita whom he married Aug 15
  • Son:  Myjere
  • He is honored to be recognized by his fellow hobbyists and competitors.

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