Mike Pratt


Hobbyist Category

Mike Pratt


Career Highlights:

  • Developed numerous sets of rules, notably BuzzBall and National High Voltage Rules
  • Developed Attack Passing method for NHFL
  • Knows more history of this game than anyone in terms of player figures types, boards, tweaking boards and is willing to share all of it
  • He was an original on the Miggle Chat board and could provide insight on every aspect of this game to everyone
  • He was always testing his rules for practical application in tournament settings, just because a rule is fun to play with it may not be enforceable under competitive tournament conditions
  • One of the few who could compete and run a tournament at the same time
  • He is one of the pioneers of miniature football renaissance, making the game fun for everybody
  • He is very good coach as well, with several second place finishes in leagues and tournaments
  • Played in three leagues at once in central Pennsylvania and most likely refined each of the rule sets.

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