Lynn Schmidt


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Lynn “Weirdwolf” Schmidt


Personal History:

  • Received his first electric football game at age 10, during the summer of 1970, a Tudor 500 Model with the flat silver and blue men, it was purchased at auction for $3
  • He and his young nephew used the game for the next 3 – 4 years improvising the rules and playing method, using masking tape to identify the players that ran backwards having no concept of tweaking
  • They had no felt footballs so they fashioned tiny cotton balls for passing plays which were considered last ditch efforts where a completed pass rivaled a biblical miracle
  • Thankfully for the MFCA he rediscovered the game in 1998 while walking through a Toys R Us, seconds later he was leaving the store with Patriots-Green Bay Miggle game being offered at the time
  • Using the Miggle Newsletter inside, he was able to connect with many people who impacted his EF life, they were, Mark Klingbeil, Paul Bartels, Matt Miller and Mark and Will Purnell
  • He attended his first Miggle convention here in Canton, Ohio, soon after he was playing in his first Buzzball Tournament where Paul “Raiderman” Bartels promptly trounced him and then took the time to demonstrate how to play better

Achievements and Career Highlights:

  • Miggle moderator for 3 years
  • Miggle Good Vibrations award 2007
  • Founded the Great Plains EFL with Matt Miller, Mark and Will Purnell Champion of the GPEFL in its first year
  • NHFL regional rep
  • Founded the Tornado Alley EFL with Geno Hendricks and Bill Brent
  • Founding member of the MFCA and its first President
  • Developed the MFCA skills competition and equipment
  • Started the Tweak magazine with Matt Culp and Al Dunham
  • He used his artistic and graphics talents to created numerous EF League logos developed realistic graphics for field covers and a 1969 Chiefs hand painted team featuring mud and grass stains
  • He is very proud of his collection of over 150 autographed bases from NFL players
  • When NFL films came to the Miggle convention in Jacksonville and shot a documentary video, his 1969 Superbowl Chiefs were filmed running  the 65 Toss Power Trap to perfection,  and cut together with the actual footage from Super Bowl 4, so being on the same film with Hank Stram was one of his greatest moments
  • Watching my 7 year old son, Joe, win his first tournament game against an adult at the Mid America Melee and then having to play him in the tourney after seeding. He was seeded 8th and I was 9th.

Personal Life:

Married  – Wife-Sondra
Two daughters-Kiri, Haley, Son-Joe

In closing, his numerous contributions to the MFCA alone make him most deserving of this recognition. You know without any doubt he will continue to promote, innovate and strive to lift our hobby to its proper status among all the great games of childhood.  We are proud to have him as a member of the MFCA and now as one of its Hall of Famers he can be truly proud. It’s incredible how a Tudor 500 board can have such an impact on one’s life and lead one to be known as “Weirdwolf”,  Hall of Famer

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