Lavell Shelton


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Lavell Shelton

Chiefs & Notre Dame

Personal History:

  • In 1967, at the age of ten, he gave his heart to the Lord and in December of that year he received his first electric football game as a gift
  • This led to forty three years of playing, coaching, teaching and mentoring others the finer points of electric football
  • Started his first league in 1970 in Virgina Beach, Virginia
  • Perfected the use of the Scrimmage Screen play back in the 60’s, preventing opposing coaches from seeing formations and player directions, a playing style still in use today
  • Developed face masks, neck roles made from bread wrappers to create realism along with hand padding, arm padding, and towels made from athletic tape
  • Enhanced football players using modeling paste in the 70’s
  • Enhanced kicker leg, by folding over the leg flap toward the hip joint for stronger kick off

Achievements and Career Highlights:

  • Multiple Championships in Tidewater, Virginia during the 60’s and 70’s
  • 1980’s, Hunton YMCA – Five time Super bowl Champ in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Seven time Champion SC Electric Football League
  • Seven time NFC Champion of the SC Electric Football League
  • Two time Miggle World Champ in 1997 & 1998 in Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio respectively.
  • Carolina Classic EFL in 2001 and 2002
  • Dixie League Offense Rusher in 2006
  • Dixie League Offense Rusher in 2007
  • Dixie League Offense Rusher in 2008
  • Palmetto EF Championship in 2008
  • Palmetto Offensive MVP of the year 2008
  • DCEFL Outback Bowl runner up in 2009

Personal Life:

  • In November 1991, married to my dream wife, Cassandra Shelton of Greenville SC and mother of our two beautiful teenagers, Zion Shelton our son and our daughter Wisdom Delight Shelton
  • Other Hobbies include great collections of Christian Reggae, Classical, and jazz music, a massive collection of McFarland football figures, MVP football figures, Starting line up football figures, Great collections of football films, Hero Clix Super Hero figures, and detailed art display of my painting and designing football figures

In closing his love for the lord, has influenced him in a way that allows him to interact with others in a positive way and by demonstrating the game to a long line of current players from the Tidewater area. This power to influence and lead others allowed for the development and mentoring of such great players as Don Smith, Jayboy Combs and others.  Lavell is truly a great competitor and mentor who put the game and the Lord first before any personal gain and for these actions he is most deserving of this recognition.

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