Reginald Rutledge


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Reginald Rutledge

Career Highlights:

•  Born, 1961
•  Youngest of 8 siblings, very creative as a child
•  First MF game experience was on a Tudor 645 model, he was hooked at age 11
•  1974, First NFL Stadium experience, Texas Stadium
•  1974, First NFL Stadium Replica Texas Stadium, onstructed using old shoe boxes, tape, glue and a vivid imagination
•  1990, Graduated, University of Texas at Dallas, Electrical Engineering
•  Started, Signature product, realistic custom MF figures
•  Developed larger scale 308 MF board
•  1995, Starts DFW MF League and holds first Texas Shootout (TSO) Tournament
•  Introduces the TSO rule-set complete with random related football events, making games more realistic
•  Constructs museum quality replica football stadiums

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