Michael Landsman


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Michael Landsman

Miggle Toys, Inc.

Career Highlights:

•  Born, 1936, Chicago. IL (North Side)
•  Attended the University of Illinois
•  1969, purchased, Superior Toy Co.
•  1992, Miggle Toys purchases Tudor Games
•  1995, First Miggle Electric Football Super Bowl and Convention, Chicago
•  Created one of the first Newsletters dedicated to Electric Football, the“Plugged In!”
•  First, Internet Chat Board dedicated to Electric Football
•  Connecting people Worldwide and creating lifelong friendships within the hobby
•  Gained National media coverage for Electric Football to include;  ESPN, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN
•  Created large scale Electric Football playing surface
•  Produced Stamped Helmet Teams, showing greater detail
•  Produced ProLine Figures and ProLine Bases
•  Produced New “620” board and Rose Bowl Game Board
•  Two children, Barry and Stacy, and 3 grandchildren, Michael, Rachel and Ryan
•  1974 Married Delayne “Mrs. Commish”
•  Enjoys Swimming and Golfing

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