Lee Payne


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Lee Payne, Jr.

Tudor Metal Corporation

Career Highlights:

•  Born/Passed 1934-2003
•  Played on the University of Georgia freshman football team
•  Graduated from University of Cincinnati, 1958 with a degree in industrial design
•  Early 1960s, employed at Walter Dorwin Teague and Associates, NY, NY
•  Worked on AMF monorail exhibit, 1964 Worlds Fair
•  Worked projects for Tupperware, General Electric, and Tudor Metal Corp
•  1964-1968, worked directly for Tudor
•  Developed 3-D figures, fab-five, NFL Lic, for Pro teams and logos for games and figures
•  1967, Grass field 620, 510, 520, 613/618, Boards, making Electric Football a household name, putting it on every boys wish list
•  Later, established Lee Payne Associates, chaired the industrial design program at Georgia Tech
•  Served on Olympic Torch Design teams, in 1996 and 2002

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