Doc Smeby


Hobbyist Category

Dr. Kurt “Doc” Smeby

Career Highlights:

•  Doctors Degree in Physics
•  Coached team Force USA in the UK
•  1997-Minor League Football HOF
•  127-50 as a head coach
•  They say, his greatest coaching attribute was his ability to read a defense in a split second and teach those around him how to exploit it.
•  One the first faces of the chat board
•  Always provided help to the new guys
•  Used a unique multi-stop playing style, based on real football situations
•  Gave us much of the history of the game we have today
•  Maintained a miniature football web page devoted to the 1967 NFL season (Timewarp 1967 League)
•  His story began in 1967 when he first saw the game in a hobby shop, 620 grass
•  Had played from 1967-2004, the time of his death
•  Today, Division named in his honor at Miggle Super Bowl Tournament

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