Imagine a place where every “Electric Football” board ever made was on display, complete with original teams and accessories in ‘pristine’ condition, from every manufacturer. As you explore further, you encounter photos and mementos associated with the greatest miniature football coaches ever to play the best and beat the best while maintaining the highest standards of sportsmanship and dedication to the advancement of the miniature football hobby. Then you enter the archive where every tournament and league champion is listed by date and venue along with individual league records. This is the vision for the virtual Miniature Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame, made not of bricks but rather of bits. Millions of them in order to house, preserve, protect, honor and display the greatest names, photos, records and equipment associated with the “Electric Football” hobby.  The MFCA HOF has been established to honor those who contributed to it, excelled at it, and to those who continue to maintain and preserve it as hobbyists.

“The MFCA HOF was established to honor those miniature football participants who contributed to it, excelled at it, and continue to maintain and preserve it as hobbyists.”

Nomination Process

PHASE 1: Nominations are made online throughout the year until January 1. ALL nominations past and present will be available online for view.

PHASE 2: All nominees from PHASE 1 will be placed on an online ballot available to those with MFCA Membership. The vote will start January 5 and run through January 19. The top 3 vote getters on midnight of Jan. 19 will be added to the 4 candidates who did not get inducted from the previous year and will move on to the next level of voting.

PHASE 3: On January 26, an online ballot with the 7 finalist candidates from PHASE 2 will be put up for those with MFCA Membership. This vote will run for 1 week and will end at midnight on Feb. 2. The top 2 vote getters from the MFCA Member votes will receive a number of votes equal to half the number of actual votes cast by the HOF Inductees. This number will be added to the votes cast by the HOF Inductees who will cast their votes in a separate ballot from the general membership. The two nominees with the highest combined totals from the HOF Inductee ballot and the MFCA Member ballot will be the new HOF Inductees.

If there is a tie between candidates the nominee with the most MFCA Members votes will serve as the tiebreaker. Example: There are 18 current HOF Inductees. Only 15 cast ballots. The MFCA Members votes are worth 7.5 votes added to the HOF Inductee votes.

The 2 HOF Inductees will be recognized at the annual MFCA convention.

Nominate a MFCA Hall of Famer here

Future nominations may be submitted online by any MFCA Member by using the accompanying online ballot. Go To Ballot


Norman Sas
Lee Payne
Michael Landsman
George Diamond
Dirk Thomas
Reginald Rutledge
Doc Smeby
Mark & Bill Klingbeil
Mike Turner
Mike Pratt
Lavell Shelton
Lynn Schmidt
Ron Bell
Myron Evans
Bryan Nutt
David Nickles
Paul Bartels
Corey Johnson
Adrian Baxter
Eric Robinson
David Campbell
Bruce Watts
Norbert Revels
Vance Warren
Jim Davis
Keith Chalmers, Sr.
Charles Lane