Imagine a place where every “Electric Football” board ever made was on display, complete with original teams and accessories in ‘pristine’ condition, from every manufacturer. As you explore further, you encounter photos and mementos associated with the greatest miniature football coaches ever to play the best and beat the best while maintaining the highest standards of sportsmanship and dedication to the advancement of the miniature football hobby. Then you enter the archive where every tournament and league champion is listed by date and venue along with individual league records. This is the vision for the virtual Miniature Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame, made not of bricks but rather of bits. Millions of them in order to house, preserve, protect, honor and display the greatest names, photos, records and equipment associated with the “Electric Football” hobby.  The MFCA HOF has been established to honor those who contributed to it, excelled at it, and to those who continue to maintain and preserve it as hobbyists.

Nomination Process

Miniature Football Coaches Association

Hall of Fame Enshrinement Process

“The MFCA HOF was established to honor those miniature football participants who contributed to it, excelled at it, and continue to maintain and preserve it as hobbyists.”

1). Nomination Process:

  • On or about January 1st the MFCA Board of Directors (on recommendation from the MFCA HOF Chairman) will announce how many HOF inductees will be enshrined into the MFCA HOF for that year. The number enshrined in any given year may range from 1-5.  For 2014 two deserving individuals will be inducted.
  • Any MFCA member can nominate anyone connected with the hobby, either Current or past.
  • Nominations will be accepted anytime during the period of January 1st to February 28th from the MFCA community.
  • Nominations can only be submitted by way of the online Ballot on the MFCA website, www.miniaturefootball.org\hall-of-fame\
  • Nominations should include accomplishments of the individual and rational supporting and justifying nominee’s induction to the MFCA HOF. (Nominations should include service to the community, participation in MFCA events, Championships won (if any), development of products, and contributions made promoting the hobby.
  • The nominating member should make every effort to contact the nominee and insure that the accomplishments and reasons for induction to the MFCA Hall of Fame are current and accurate and complete.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate biographical profiles included with nominations will be rejected, prohibiting further consideration to the short list for that year.
  • After the list of new nominees is compiled and verified, the list of new nominees is added to the previous nominees from the past 3 years and posted on the MFCA Website for current MFCA members to see.
  • Long list: Consists of any and all current nominations made from the MFCA community at large and a rollover of nominees from the last three years (2011-2013). From this list eventual movement towards the final list of candidates is obtained.
  • March 1st thru 15th: Using the nomination write-ups and other sources, the HOF Committee will then determine if the nominee should be placed on the final selection ballot. This will take additional research to reach a final decision. It will be necessary for committee members to research and evaluate each nomination in depth. Once a valid case can be made for each nomination a simple vote will be conducted to determine which names should be presented to the MFCA BOD for consideration on the short list and final ballot. Each committee member will cast two votes (one vote per candidate) the three candidates receiving the most votes will be added to the short list.  Before the short list can be completed, the MFCA HOF Committee must add the names of candidates from the previous year’s short list that were not elected but did receive votes.
  • March 16th: The MFCA HOF committee submits the proposed list of “Short List” candidates. The MFCA BOD will review and evaluate the list. The MFCA BOD has two weeks to approve the short list.
  • March 31st: The “Short List” of the MFCA HOF Nominees will be posted to the MFCA Membership by the MFCA HOF Committee Chairman along with the number of nominees that will be inducted for a given year.

2). HOF Ballot and Final Selection Process

  • April 1-30: The short list will be presented for the final ballot. Voting members include the MFCA HOF Committee; current living HOF inducted members and MFCA BOD members.  Once all votes are collected by the HOF Committee Chairman, all ballots and final results will be distributed to the MFCA BOD.
  • All voting members may cast up to two votes for candidates presented on the short list. One vote per candidate. Once votes are cast, no changes to selection(s) are permitted. The top two candidates receiving the most votes will be presented for induction.
  • May 1st-15th: The MFCA BOD will verify the findings of the MFCA HOF Committee
  • June 1st: The HOF class for 2014 will be announced to the MFCA Membership. The induction ceremony will take place at MFCA Con2014, on August 1st.

3). Voting Members:

  • Voting Members include Members of the MFCA HOF Committee, Living Members of the MFCA HOF and all MFCA BOD Members.
  • Absolutely No Active BOD Member can vote for themselves during the final voting process.
  • No Member of the MFCA BOD can be on the HOF Committee.
  • All Current MFCA Hall of Fame Members will have the opportunity to vote on the final ballot.
  • All voting members are allowed to vote for up to two candidates.

In conclusion

The HOF nomination and selection process defined herein closely resembles the same process used by the Pro Football HOF to determine the best connected with professional football.  The HOF committee is excited to bring to you the MFCA HOF, complete with records, displays and honored members.

Nominate a MFCA Hall of Famer here

Future nominations may be submitted to the HOF Committee Members by any MFCA Member by using the accompanying online ballot. Go To Ballot