Great Lakes Regional Skills Results

MFCA Passing:
Will Shropshire 230 points
Chris Fields 220 points
Matthew Culp 180 points
Steve Martin 130 points
John Martin 120 points
Dwayne Jennings 110 points

MFCA Kicking:
John Martin 300 points
Matthew Culp 220 points
Steve Martin 190 points
Will Shropshire 160 points
Chris Fields 140 points

Strongest Man 3.3 under
Round one
John Martin defeated Dwayne Jennings
Will Shropshire defeated Chris Fields
Steve Martin defeated Matthew Culp
Round two Will Shropshire defeated John Martin
Steve Martin bye
Will Shropshire defeated Steve Martin

Strongest Man Enhanced
Round One
John Martin defeated Chris Fields
Will Shropshire defeated Matthew Culp
John Martin defeated Will Shrophsire

Fastest Man 3.3 and Under
Heat One
Will Shropshire defeated John Martin and Steve Martin
Heat Two
Chris Fields defeated Matthew Culp and Dwayne Jennings
Will Shropshire defeated Chris Fields

Fastest Man Enhanced
One run…coaches drew for lanes…Jeff Priest beat the field


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