EF and Black Friday!

fourthandinchesWhat could they possibly have in common?  When you think of Black Friday -people sleeping out all night to be first in line for the door buster specials, elbowing and positioning to get the latest, best deal – as if it was the last the one and the world would end if the didn’t snag it! I have to tell you some of the stories are sad indeed.

Of course us coaches are always looking for good deals – especially on EBay and at garage sales or in trade here or there.

But there is an MF behavior I have witnessed now in my few years back in the game that parallels such as mentioned above and can instantly sour a good game.  If you are around this game in league play and tournaments it will not be long before you hear raised voices in dispute over a pass attempt or tackle that may or may not have occured.  I have seen some rather excited disputes and as a ref had my “calls” questioned a few times.  Some coaches behavior can be just like that exhibited by some overeager Black Friday shoppers.  Even when more than one set of eyes has seen what did or did not happen.   Some coaches have even expressed their belief that the call is being made against them deliberatly! How can a game (or hobby as some c


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