DSMFL Pro League 2010 Atlanta

What’s up football fans this is David Nickles bringing you the report for the big weekend in the ATL. We had some tough games this weekend so let me get started by talking about them unstoppable Falcons who has struck again…

The Atlanta Falcons coached by Brian Reddman vs. The 49ers coached by Dennis. This was a hard fought game. The Falcons had a hard time moving the ball on the 49ers tough defense, but when the dust settled the falcons won 31 to 21 What a hell of a game.

The Bengals coached by David Nickles took on the Packers coached by Big Tony. These two coaches don’t believe in passing at all. You talking about old school, these two coaches are nothing but old school they both love running that ball. The Packers came in with a running back #30 who’s averaging about 200 yds a game the Bengals defense said no way no how and not today! In this game they held that #30 under 45 yards. SAY WHAT!!!! YOU HEARD ME. UNDER 45 YARDS!!! But on the other hand the Packers also kept #31 of the Bengals in check. The Bengals pulled it out 21-20. That was a defensive game right there!

The Cowboys coached by Marlon Brown, I talked to Marlon before the game got started and I asked him about firing the old coach and bringing in a new one and he said David we need a spark to jump off these Cowboys, we have too much talent and boy, didn’t it work, the Cowboys jumped on the Bears coached by Bill Jones and beat them 10-8. SAY WHAT!!!!!YEAH YOU KNOW YOU HEARD ME!!!!!! This is not a baseball score this was indeed and football score.

The Steelers coached by James Shealey took on the “I’m not scared” Jets coached by Joe Ram. This game was totally dominated by the Steelers. The Steelers couldn’t do any wrong in this game. The Only thing I can say is He caught him sleeping ,and they beat the Jets 23 to 0.

Then, the Jets had to play the Redskins coached by Jasper Scott. The Jets woke up fast in this game because the Redskins wasn’t showing any mercy. The Jets pulled it out and beat the Redskins 21-14.

The Steelers kept their heads up because they knew that they had another game to play. They went on and beat the Packers coached by Big Tony 14-7. I talked to James on the side line and I asked him what did he do to turn his team around and his reply was,” If they don’t get their acts together there will be no playoffs this year.” So from here on out they will be fighting every team and fighting for that spot in the playoffs.

The Rams coached by Gary Pate took on the Chicago Bears coached by Bill Jones. This was a “must” win game for both coaches because in the NFC it’s a tough race and buddy did they go at it! Bill’s defense wasn’t giving up anything. Gary’s offense wasn’t taking no for an answer, and weren’t taking any prisoners. They went down to the wire. Everyone thought that this game was going into overtime for sure. Bill decided that his team was so exhausted that he decided to go for two. The Rams defense stood up to the occasion and stopped the Bears and beat them 21-20.

This is David Nickles bringing you the report from the big weekend in Atlanta.

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