Color matching for dry brushed and layered paint jobs.

Hand Painted Saints

Color matching for dry brushed and layered paint jobs

      This blog is intended to inform all of the painters and customizers in the MF world who are interested in doing dry brushed and/or layered paint jobs, just how to achieve the perfect color combinations and the correct color balance for your teams.  Originally, this was suppose to be an article dedicated to the Tweak magazine, but there is so much information to give, it would take dozens of articles to achieve. 

     Coming soon, I will go over, color by color, the different effects and tones that can be achieved by utilizing different colors, and attaching them to different teams color pallettes.  I will give photographic examples of how different colors “play” off of one another, and the difference between warm, cool and earth tones, when to use them and why.

     My hope is that painters interested in attempting this style of painting will be able to gather enough information from me, and be able to use it to expand their already present talents.  So, clean your brushes, get out your paints, and get ready to knock out some in-depth paint jobs, business is about to pick up.




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  1. detroitchild says:


    I’m looking at doing the 88/89 SF 49ers in this style. LET THE LESSONS BEGIN!

  2. G-FORCE says:

    OOOOOHHHHHHH boy I cant wait I am all ears as they say…….. Thanks Chris!!!!

    Geno H

  3. Coach k-lo says:

    okay, sounds like this will be a long class!!!!!!!!!

    Can hardly wait for the first one to get started!

    I think a whole new set of brushes are in order here.


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