The Big Ten is in full swing approaching the halfway mark of the season. Although some teams have a lot of catching up to do, the division races are taking shape.

Awesome Scene by Coach Martin, Inventor of the Monday Night Stadium!

Awesome Scene by Coach Martin, Inventor of the Monday Night Stadium!

In the West Division Jamel’s Purdue holds a one game lead over Jim’s Penn State. Purdue’s 35-28 win over PSU is the difference. PSU’s only other loss was to Sagnasty. Many coaches would like to seem them play again in the playoffs.

Finally, a Norbert Revels siting. Norbert opened up his season with a loss at Auburn but rebounded Sunday with an impressive 37-21 win over the Grambling State team coached by Don “Eddie Legend” Lang. At 1-1 in the West Norbet seems poised to make a move after a shaky start against Auburn on Friday. The Wolverines are behind but Chuck has big hopes for his Maize and Blue squad. Michigan State, coached by Steve “Sparty” Martin, continues to stuggle with each contest where more questions are raised with no replies forthcoming. Keep your head up Steve!

In the Big Ten East, Ohio State holds a 1/2 game lead over the hard charging Sagnasty Cardinals who thrashed a listless Auburn squad in a nationally televised game 28-6. Coach Lassiter revealed after the game that he snapped his quarterback after going 5 of 6 and could not get untracked thereafter, finishing with only 49 yards passing. The Tigers specialty teams afforded Sagnasty both great field position and a touchdown. Ohio State remains the only unbeaten in the Big Ten. Don’t expect that to last.

Grambling has posted some impressive wins and has had more contests than any Big Ten team (8). They are 5-3 (3-3 in the Big Ten) yet poised to pounce into contention. As impressive as their blowout wins (42-0 over FSU, 25-0 over U Of Cinn) their season may be defined by blowing a 21-0 lead to Purdue in their season opener.

Auburn despite their uninspired showing against Sagnasty, was impressive in dismantling a Pro Prospect team in their “maiden voyage game” 36-28. The Prospects, coached by Norbert Revels, made a huge comeback to make this one close. Then came Sunday. Heeeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!
Marshall U is playing catchup and Marty Paris’ FSU team has already won more games this year than all of last year. Well, quite frankly, one win would have been enough. Way to go Marty!

Stay tuned for more MF Big Ten updates as this exciting CBSMF season 2 continues!


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  1. Treks1 says:

    Big Ten action rolls right along. With a month or so left, there is still much to play for.
    State still has big games remaining versus Marshall, Auburn, Pro Prospects, and yes five- wide and MICHIGAN.
    Go Big Ten!

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