CBSMF Big Ten Playoff Picture Crytal Clear!


Whoa! Big Ten CBSMF Season II is coming to a close with the top dogs of the conference going toe to toe in the first ever Big Ten Playoffs. The season came to a climatic close with some tight games and blowouts!

Grambling played host to the OSU Buckeyes who had a chance to still win the division and overall #1 seed in the playoffs. Grambling, hearing all the babbling of OSU humiliated the storied program 42-14. Gramblings offense was stupendous and never allowed the Buckeyes to get a foothold. The Tigers defense helped themselves to “Buckeye Stew” while holding them to a paltry 14 points. The Tigers diversified ground attack riddled the Buckeye defense to the tune of over 200 yards on the ground. Tank Younger and Jamie Caleb “Ran Up In” the buckeyes with two touchdowns each. Dwight Scales kept the balance by chipping in two receiving touchdowns. John Mendenhall stood up for the defense with “pick six” and Mike Sinclair recovered a fumble by John Brockington. The Tigers have scored over 40 points three times this season. With the win the Tigers assured themselves of a playoff birth and automatic bid in the CBSMF Championship series. Congratulation Coach Don “DetroitChild” Lang!

In the second critical game of the day Norbert “Thor” Revel’s high powered “boys from the hood” Pro Prospect team took on the Powerful Penn State team coached by legendary Jim “Hulk” Davis. Norberts fleet afoot Prospects went deep early and often. Their quarterback, brother from another planet, put on a passing display so remarkable not one coach could recall seeing such accuracy. In fact, Coach Revels didn’t miss a pass all day regardless to degree of difficulty. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the “kids” to hold on to the ball as the PP’s turned it over 4 times. Add to that the Penn State Offense amassing almost 500 yards of offense and you have a closely fought 41-35 overtime win for Penn State. There were 57 tackles registered between the two teams as these two old foes didn’t blink until the final gun. Both teams will be featured in this weekend’s playoffs.

In what had now become a meaningless game the Buckeyes traveled to SVSU to play the 7-1 Sagnasties. SVSU was successful in employing the tactics used by Grambling earlier against the Buckeye defense but as the saying goes, too much of anything will kill you. The Buckeyes, noticing the glaring strategy deficiencies, corrected them and shut down the “nasties” while winning 27-21 in overtime to finish a respectable 7-3.

In the last game Norbert Revels took his Pro Prospects to MSU coached by Steve Martin. What was supposed to be a coronation turned into a 49-42 fireworks displayed. Coach Martin turned to “Dear old dad” Blanche Martin who didn’t let his son down. The elder Martin, a former star on the MSU team, had two kick returns for touchdowns while amassing 433 yards on special teams alone. Meanwhile, on the other side, Norbert’s “Young Guns from the hood” scored every way imaginable, minimized their fumbles, and scored on a kick return with 36 seconds left to deflate the Spartans. The Spartans had just scored on a big play and were still seen prancing and dancing on the sidelines when the retaliatory strike came from those young “Hoodsters”.

Purdue (Jamel Goodloe) and OSU (Ken Allen) missed the playoffs due to head to head. Both teams were eliminated despite suffering only one division loss.

Ken “Spin Allen” reporting


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  1. Treks1 says:

    Well said Kenny. Its been another fun season in the Big Conference. OSU or Purdue could have one it all had they made the playoffs. Can’t wait until next year.

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