Basic Miggle/Tudor Figures?? Unbelievable!

It’s hard to believe how far we have come, but when I opened the MFCA forum this morning and saw these, I was simply amazed. The figures pictured here are the same basic figures that we all grew up with and have little to no customization done to them other than the incredible painting and detailing ability that Dimitri “the french guy” Matias has applied. From Dimitri’s forum post, “The only customization I made are roughly sculpted (with xacto knife, like a Lego face) faces on the athletes. Home made decals, everything else is painted.”

If you ever wondered if you could get into this hobby with the basics and hold up to the many incredible custom figures that exist, here is proof that you can!


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  1. Dimitri says:

    thanks for the kind comments ! Now I will work on my pro teams a little, waiting for my miggle order to finish the college conference, with 4 other teams painted the same way.

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