Bases, Bases and more Bases.

fourthandinchesI had a few minutes last night (which was just a few hours ago) so I sat down and watched Gone with the Wind while sorting through our collection of bases.  Now just being back in the game for only a couple of years I was amazed at how many we have accumulated. And of course these   It took quite some time and got me thinking just how many boxes full some coaches out there must have.


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  1. detroitchild says:

    Funny…I watched Gone with the Wind in it’s entirety for the first time ever. Great movie. As far as bases I too am amazed at how many I’ve accumulated to the point that I’ve donated some to a couple of coaches for their youth programs. And yet, I never feel like I have enough bases. Go figure.

  2. eflfanatic says:

    Never really counted (over 2000 would be a good estimate) but I have boxes and boxes and boxes of bases. Many have never even been taken out of the package. I have given a few away (the ones I never opened) but I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of any (even the ones I have destroyed trying to tweak). I figure I will evetually find the perfect base and eventually will be able to use the ones I destroyed for something. I have just about every type of base that has ever been made, have bought pre-tweaked bases and have one “boiled” base that Eric Robinson gave me just to try out. I have sold a base or two. One inparticular base that a coach wanted because it was a base that ran 3 kickoffs back for TD’s in one game (I still lost the game, by the way). I think he was disapointted because it did not perform the same for him. Which proves to me that a base tweaked for a certain figure will only perform that way with that particular figure and the coaches ability to make the most effective use of that base and figure.

    As detroitchild said, you can never have enough bases.

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