Bases and more bases

The world of solitaire football can be a very frustrating and lonely especially when it comes to basing up your teams.

Now, if your like me you have a pile of bases that you have to match up to each team. How in the heck are you going to make things even? First and foremost, decide on a weight for each position. All of my linemen in my league are 4.0 grams. This is mainly because of the power of my board. Then the speed players are all around 3.6 grams.

Next decide on what bases to use in each position. What I did for my 2010 season is purchase Norbert bases for all of the linemen and TE figures. Then the WR bases will all get either double clip bases or Buzzball clear. The running bases all will get Buzzball black bases.
This I hope will make for a more competitive league in 2010. What I had noticed this year is that my first team was the worst team and as I got better at tweaking the team got better. So, now I am trying to even out all the teams. It has been fun trying to figure out what bases are the best, what figures work on what base, etc. Thanks to this web page and the sharing of a ton of information the life of a lonely electric football player is not so lonely anymore.

I would love to hear what other folks have done in their leagues to make them even. Have fun everyone and keep on buzzing.



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  1. Chris Stacey says:

    When I was playing solitaire I would only use
    44 bases.These bases were used for every game.
    The teams changed BUT the bases stayed the same.
    I had 11-“O” & 11 “D” bases for each team.Now
    and then I would swap out a base for whatever reason(s).But basically I used a standard set
    of 44 bases for all the games.As a kid,I didn’t
    know about tweaking.All I did was knock the dust
    off the prongs and brush them back with my fingers.That was the extent of my “tweaking”
    It wasn’t even called that.Not sure it even had
    a name…..LOL
    But later on in life ,after I found Miggle in
    98-99,and found out that “we” were still playing
    this game well into adulthood,I found out what
    tweaking was.Real Tweaking.I fooled around with it
    and had some success,as far as I was concerned,and
    tweaked up 44-50 bases as best as I could and continued to play the same way.The same bases,more
    or less,were used for all the games.Again,the teams changed each game,but the bases pretty much
    remained the same.Every so often I would swap out
    the batch for new ones.I felt this way was as fair
    as I could get.My tweaking abilities leave much to
    be desired so I was happy with the way the base
    performed.My league.My rules.My bases…..LOL
    Anyway,that’s how I did it as a kid and after
    I was grown.I will continue to do it this way,if
    and when I play a solitaire game/league again.
    Hey,it works for me…….

    Chris Stacey

  2. Dimitri says:

    Actually I ‘m tweaking bases for 2 teams (not solitaire,it’s for both my brother team and my team, but the goal is the same : make the things fair). In my opinion, the easy positions to tweak fairly are the linemen. I made them strong and straight, it’s relatively easy to tweak the 2 teams equally.

    The biggest difficulty concerns the skill positions : why choose a looper on A team and a straight fast runner on the B team, how make the 2 squads overall balance, etc, etc…

  3. Coach k-lo says:

    IMHO when tweaking, you find your “crash test dummies” of players you know are good and they become today’s ‘standard base’ that all tweaking will be measured. Tomorrow you might use something else.

    Most teams will need the same types of talent to be successful, so select the bases based on merit. Tweak bases with positions (player) in mind so that as you go thru some many, you can arrange them in some order for future teams if they are not “right” for the team you are currently fielding.

  4. detroitchild says:

    I try to base my (pro) solitaire teams according to their real life personalities. Power teams will be base accordingly, finesse will be as well. Things I consider, was a team a passing team, running team, a good balance, a great defensive team using speed or power, etc.

  5. Goldie300 says:

    I like the uniqueness of having all “fantasy” teams, so my league consists of only teams from my creation. Example: Honolulu Gilas and Columbus Rhinos. But to keep it exciting, I line my bases up in rows of 12 based on type of base ( rookie or ttc) and color ( to give more variety). I do this prior to each game and then draw cards to determine what bases that team will use for that game. For example the 6 of clubs would represent the 6th base in the 4th row. This always is interesting because it gives the teams a bit of a different personality each game. We all know the athletes have good and bad days, this helps create those good or bad days for my electric football players. I also like to draw bases for each team at the same time alternating, so the visiting team gets the first card, and the home team gets the second and so on. After I draw my cards for each team ( I play 11 players per team iron-man football), then I decide what bases will go to which players. If one team happens to draw 9 speed bases and only 2 strong bases, their lines most likely won’t perform too well that game. Always keeps it exciting for me. Keeps all the games fair too, so I’m not encouraged to beef up the new team I just created.

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