BAM Championship Weekend…..what to run??

lomaXsandOsWell, here I am – on the verge of another
opportunity to win another league title. I think that I am ready for a playoff run that could end up in the title game.

The road to get there seems so far away. I have taken my team, Ravens, thru so many different drills to see if they measure up.

Measuring the skill level of this team has been fun. I remember at the beginning of the season, the team was still finding it’s way. Shootout Style MF is very fast paced game. You don’t get to spent a lot of time thinking about the next play or even the next sub to bring in the game. You just have to be ready for 60 mins of this.
For the offense, you need to maintain your “sideline madness” to a minimum. Players have to be ready to go into the game when you want them. No wasted motion when moving from play to play.

On the defense, you must manage your schemes so that you can make the right adjustments as the game/drive progresses.

So as I begin to think about what plays should I practice, it’s easy for me – run the basic plays until I have tried it against every possible defensive front I can think of until I works on consecutive plays.

When Game time rolls around, the basic plays (fundamental stuff) will be the base for all other plays the will get run later in the game.

I will not revel the game plan, I do have one that will feature what was learned at the MFCA 2009 Convention, plus basic K-LO principles to secure a victory.



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  1. detroitchild says:

    So what did you learn at the MFCA convention my friend?

  2. Coach k-lo says:

    one thing I learned was ……

    ….. better atheletes can make a difference in the special plays

    ……. special teams can be your undueing

    …… misdirection has more of a place when you can set it up just right

    …… other ways to do the same things I have been doing all along…

    just to name a few without giving up the game plan…..

  3. Joe Greco says:

    Nice job writing about your preparation. I did not think you would give up your game plan. :)

    One thing that I try to tell new coaches participating in playoffs or tournaments is that you need to focus on doing what you do best. Most of the games come down to who executes best. Too many times I see coaches trying new things, new plays, and/or new players which takes them away from their strengths.

    One of the keys to success is something that you always preach which is to “know your athletes.”

    Safe travels, see you Saturday.

    Joe G

  4. detroitchild says:

    K-Lo, tt’s funny that you mention special teams and Joe leaves a comment. I called Joe a couple of months ago to discuss special teams since he was considered pretty good at. His advice was pretty simple but was missing from my special teams play. It took me several games to implement it but it has had a HUGE impact on my games. To all coaches young and old, new and experienced, you must pay attention to special teams play.

  5. Dimitri says:

    “To all coaches young and old, new and experienced, you must pay attention to special teams play.”

    You’re right. I’ve seen that with my brother on my first game. Good special teams play means huge yards gains !

  6. grandmaster kc says:

    Special teams and a kicker…great kicker a must

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