Back to the Future

fourthandinchesThree years ago this month my wife and I were looking over my son’s Christmas wish list and low and behold there it was – Electric Football! Probably the last time I saw that on a list was when I wrote it on my list over 30 years before…

And thus began my return to the game I played so often as a child.  Of course many great memories came rushing back – like the first game I received, or finding another to add to my collection while being dragged around to yard sales with my mom.  A league was formed with a few friends in the neighborhood, games played, we even awarded a small plastic cup trophy to the champ.  We probably played like 3-4 seasons in a two month period – mostly during the cold winters of northern New York.  And of course I ran my own solitaire league – made up of teams that I hand painted –  I remember having a book full of stats (wonder what ever happened to that book!  This love affair with the game lasted for a few years until I got seriously involved in sports in the junior high school – and it just sort of melted away as I my journey from childhood progressed.


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