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lomaXsandOsWell another BEFL gameday weekend in the books.  This year’s team, GB Packers are near the level that can reach the title game.  After smashing off 3 more wins to move to 8-1 on the season.  As I sit back and reflect on the games, I did learn a few things about the other coaches that I played.

Game One 27-6 win, the other team had great speed loopers but they only used them when they were thinging I was going to pass.  Since we play FOB, you have to make sure tackles or you will get scored on.

What I did to make them a non-factor was to run AT The loopers with a lead blocker.  It forced the OLB to widen out and the RB could run underneath for positive yds.  As we moved into the Redzone (for me that is the 35yd) we took a shot deep for the first score.  They never recovered.

On Defense, 3-4 zone blitz was working because he did not know who was coming, but running was not working inside.  Tough passes the rest of the game.

Game 2, 27-0 over the Bears.  This one was over early, but the Bears din’t know it.  Packers take the opening kickoff and uses the whole 1st qtr to score to make it 7-0.

Bears came right back and returned the kickoff to the 2yd line.   Two plays later, N.Anderson (#35)was tackled by A.Bigsby (#20) [Fumble Man] and the ball was fumbled and he took it 96 yds the other way for the TD 14-0.

On the kickoff, #20 makes another tackle, boom fumble, bang TD and now we lead 21-0 and the Bears have had the ball for all of 3 plays.  They get the 2nd half kickoff and take most of the QTr to get within scoring range and they turn it over again.

What they did not do was put their playmakers in positions to make plays.  they were using a 4-3 defense and had the LB inside of the DE which gave the edge of the play no run support out there.  So  I kept running sweeps to get my fastest RB on the edge.  He never made me change that so we ran outside until “tap-tap” happened…..

game 3 – 21-0

Whole lot of running to the outside because he too did not force the play back inside….

on defense, i think that the base match worked to my advantage on the CB.  They won every battle on every play except one or two.  Without his regular passing game, they had to try and make some yds on the ground.  That was tough going also.  This Redskins’ team runs draw plays very well.  While the game was still close, he run the draw play to his “scoring man” and the hole is about to open and is getting ready to head for home….BOOM!!! Coming in from the Deep Safety spot, the Rb is hit at the LOS for no gain.



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  1. detroitchild says:

    K-Lo, were these rookies or experienced coaches you were playing?

  2. NATIONAL says:

    That is a great recap lomax. But they were all wins. Why don’t you finish up your BAM blog?
    It’s easy to talk about the wins and when everything is working, but what about when your plays aren’t working. You got smashed by Boddie….what happened there? As readers, we don’t want to hear all the feel good stories, we want the mess ups as well!

    Thanks for being a Blogger!!!!

    the F.O.T.H.

  3. Coach k-lo says:


    if you want to “RIP” me, start your own blog. However, to answer the question, in the BAM playoff game Kevin jumped out to early 7-0 lead on a long pass.
    I got the ball and moved it a little but had to punt when I could not convert a 3-n-6.
    He got the ball back and scored on a another long play (missed the tackle) and was down 14-0 early.

    Stayed that way for awhile until I kicked a FG before half.

    Third QTR, moved the ball well but still could not hit passes. That is one of drawbacks to the Shootout style – limited running game.

    Anyway, he scored later in the 3rd or early 4th QTR and the games was about over after that.

    hope that makes you feel better. When you get the time, why don’t you tell us how he smoked you too!


  4. hello and good-bye says:

    Hey national was there a ref present at this game? I can’t believe what i am reading The Great C-lo lost. Hey National,maybe u should look in getting a blog cause you keeps it real.

  5. F.O.T.H. says:

    I’m not ripping you Lomax, I just want to hear everything. In games your passing can be off, what do you do then? As an X & O man…and one of the best, you owe it to (us) the readers to have a plan B or C!
    I was just touching on your blog of the BAM, you left us hanging. Then you come back with a new thread! That’s not rippin, that’s wanting closure!

    In my game vs Boddie, I was down 21-3 I think? Ready to tap out and hand him the game. I was tired, and a lil hungry. Morgan was in the other game getting head handed to him as well by Joe G. All the games had a ref but mines! My first game vs Antonio, and the 2nd vs Boddie. No problems in either game.
    Well I hadn’t made a first down in my game vs the skins the whole 1st half. The running clock spoiled by bid for a td because you couldn’t stop it. So on to the 2nd half I’m getting the ball. By this time Morgan had tapped out, and everyone was watching my game. We I finally hit a pass for a 1st down, Kev turns his defenders, my guy running straight out of bounds so I turn on the switch. Boddie says that’s a penalty!!! Everyone is saying yeah, it happened to coach so & so. But those games had a ref, and we didn’t. We were playing a gentleman’s game. To that point, I was going to quit if I didn’t score on the drive. Now I’m heated. I had to move back a few yards and redo the down. To make a long story short, I stormed back late in the game…even having the lead at one point. But to Kev’s defense, he held it together hit a WR (that had been open all game) for a late td. I got the ball back with almost 3 mins to play but could only get off 3 plays due to the running clock!!!!! I forgot what the final score was, but ask anyone who watched the game, it was barn burner!!!!
    I think I lost by 5pts….National doesn’t get smashed, he may lose, but not smashed!!!!

    Keep the blogs coming Lomax, and don’t let a lil constructive criticism get you off your game or (blog) I don’t hate, I appreciate.

    Can’t wait for your next blog homie!!!!

    It’s all love


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