3. Who? 4.0 Has Taken Over.

funnyforum“FROM THE FORUM” will highlight some of the interesting discussions that take place on the MFCA Forum. The playing weight of figures has often, hotly been debated. Following is a post made by Mantaray Dre regarding the subject. What standards should the hobby be setting? Weight, size and scale are all important to the future of Miniature Electric Football. What are your opinions?

By: Mantaray Dre
After reading different post in the various sections, it seems that coaches are only talking about playing at 4.0. I even saw a post from a coach stating, “after playing at 4.0 he cannot go back to 3.2 or a lower weight, due to players running smoother on bigger boards”.

This is what I’ve been saying for years but the 3.2 lovers get offended. I think it is quite evident 4.0 rules the day.
4.0 is a cell phone…3.2 is a rotary phone. Many have finally made the transition over.

Although I prefer THE MPFL unlimited weight class, 4.0 is my next option for my teams. The Haiti Repros, Jennings, Miggle small figure, all run faster and smoother with the added weight and don’t pop around ready to keel over. At 4.0, you put weight on a lighter figure and have those prongs just right…you have yourself a nice running figure.

I just want to thank all, who like me, felt it is a lot easier to add weight to your figures than to hire a construction crew to cut, dig, scrape, sand, drill holes to remove plastic and every other cosmetic trick JUST TO PLAY 3.2. Notice how your figures feel with a little weight added to them.

1) Golf tape is the best to me.

2) Second best are these jewelry bricks I brought

3) Nuts and bolts are the 3rd op

4) Putty also works well

What I do is place the figure on the scale with the base on the figure.
Then I cut a strip of golf tape and place it on the scale with the figure.
Sometimes it is 3.8, 3.6, 3.9, 3.4, 3.5. Whatever the case may be, this is how I build up to 4.0. JUST KEEP CUTTING TAPE AND PLACE IT ON THE SCALE UNTIL YOU REACH 4.0.

Sometimes it may go over to 4.1 or 4.2. CUT A SNIPPET OF TAPE AWAY UNTIL THE SCALE GOES BACK DOWN.


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  1. eflfanatic says:

    Great idea of putting this on the front page. I think very important discussions get lost on the fourm some time.

    I for one am glad to see this discussion. I agree standards have to be set for the future growth of the game and hobby. I recently sent a proposal to the Board of Directors that would establish some standards. To date I have gotten no response from any of the other members of the Board of Directors which is very disapointing. At this time I will not publish it publicaly, I will leave that up to the discretion of the MFCA leadership However, if any one who would like to see a copy, please send me your email address and I will respond with a copy of it.

    As I have stated several times before, to me, setting some standards is very important to the future growth and continuance of the game and hobby. Every other game and hobby has standards. Why can we not do this?

  2. CoachRip says:

    Trash this post, ……….the whole thing is null and void due to the fact that figures and bases should be weighed separately.

    First off KNOW what Standard means – A technical standard is an established norm. No one can argue that the norm for 40 years have been a figure at 2.0 and a base at 1.2/1.3.

    weight limit for a “standard figure” is 2.0 grams and a base is 1.2/1.3 grams…………hence the “3.3” misnomer” what happens when you have a heavier figure on a rookie base, ……………say the figure/custom figure weighs in a 2.5 grams and he is on a rookie base of .8 grams………………….he makes weight……….what is to say after he makes weight this 2.5 gram figure makes it way on to a DDB or TTC base weighing 1.2 during a game???????????????????

    Hmmmmmmmmmm that makes his aggregate weight 3.6 grams and thus over the limit 3.3 ……..yes, it happens boys and girls!

    Now this also goes for this for this 4.0 weight class as well.

    Unlimited is great because all the figure has to do is fit the height and weight template and the base must be able to move!


  3. Weirdwolf says:

    I actually like what you are saying about unlimited. This is the out of the box thinking that needs to happen. Push a figure through a square…ij he fits he is good to go and no more weighing anything! Beautiful.

  4. coachrip says:


    I’m an “outside the box” type of guy, ……….after,……. all I was the first to offer new miniature products online. I sold meegle products online and they watched what I did and copied me. I didn’t get mad they did that. It is their product. What pissed me off is that they misled me on the dates they would “go online”. Therefore costing me thousands in over stocking of product.

  5. Bignasty fm says:

    I like the 4.0 for personal reasons. I was one that bought a ton of FF.net figs on sell and struggled to get them to make weight restrictions. I beleive it is easier to go up in weight than to take weight away. Yes I could have and I did buy other figures for my next 3.3 team but I would still like to use my other figures in league play in the future.

  6. CoachRip says:


    But,by his own words, those figures were not originally made for the hobby…..

    As far as 4.0 being some magical weight that plays better than other “weight classifications”, …………….I recommend you try playing unlimited, then everyone can add weight. And the game play is better….

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