2009 Online Painting and Customizing Contest Winners

Each of our judges submitted their first, second and third choices and it was very close between the winners!

First I want to thank everyone who voted and a special thanks to the celebrity judges, Warren Moon, Nathan Morris, Mike “Boss Hogette” Tolbert, Paul Lukas, Jennie Payne and Lee Payne, Jr., who made this contest extra special. Thanks, also, to all of you who took the time to put these fantastic entries together, photograph them and send them in. I think we had an excellent representation of what can be done in the hobby! Here are your 2009 MFCA Online Paint and Customizing Contest winners!

In the Scene contest, there were two entries who received all of the first place votes from our judges; Lynn Swann and John Riggins.
With 5 votes to 2, the winner is Lynn Swann by Chris Markham!
1st Lynn Swann by Chris Markham
2nd John Riggins by Robert Slate
3rd Sweetness/LT by Raymond Dalton, Jr.

In the No Decals contest, we had 3 entries who received first place votes; Doug Flutie by Chris Fields, Chris Carter by Joe Allore and Lester Hayes by Chris Fields. The top two vote getters tied so we had to add in the second and third place votes.
The winner is Joe Allore with his Chris Carter figure!
1st Chris Carter by Joe Allore
2nd Doug Flutie by Chris Fields
3rd Lester Hayes by Chris Fields

In the Individual contest the votes were all over the board. Devon Hester, Earl Campbell, Troy Polamalu, Joe Greene, Marion Barber, Smith/Payton each received first place votes.
The winner however received 2 first place votes and the majority of the second and third place votes to pull out an extremely close race.
That winner is Earl Campbell by Frank Jacobs!
1st Earl Campbell by Frank Jacobs
2nd Devon Hester by Frank Jacobs
3rd Marion Barber by Joe Allore

This was a great contest and I know I personally had a hard time picking just one winner when I placed my votes.


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