2009 Miggle Convention and MFCA Skills Competition

We had a great turnout for the skills competition which was held throughout the weekend.

Here are the results.
Miggle equipment only Fastest Man-Ron Christianson beat out Joel Pritchard, 21 inches to 15 1/8 inch (distance travelled in 2 seconds). Ron C. had won the qualifying rounds by 2 inches so his final run officially smoked!
MFCA Fastest Man-Ron Christianson (same figure)
MFCA Fastest Man (Enhanced)-Joel Pritchard won by a full 5 inches in 2 combined runs.
Miggle equipment only Strongest Man-Joel Pritchard came from second in the overall prelims to beat out, Greg Hardmon
MFCA Strongest Man-Greg Hardmon won with a combined push of 17 2/8 inches.
MFCA Strongest Man (Enhanced)-Jimbo Dunagan
Miggle and MFCA Passing-Norbert Revels scored a perfect 300 to beat out our first competitor of the day, Damon Lucas with 290 points.
Miggle and MFCA Kicking-A three way perfect score tie between Matt Culp, Joe Greco and reigning champion, Brian Healey, led to a kickoff that eventually took us back to the 60 yard line. Matt Culp was looking extremely strong and looked to possibly have the most powerful kicker but went a bit wide right and was out first at the 40 yard line. Healey and Greco both missed from the 60 yard line. (Greco’s ball fell just short of the crossbar) On their second attempt, Healey, once again, uncharacteristically missed as his kicker seemed to be losing some strength. Greco put just a bit more backwards lean into the kick and this time, just cleared the cross bar for the win.

Congratulations to all the competitors and to all the winners! Each of you qualifies for the finals to be held at “The Great Camp-In” in Canton, Ohio!


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