2009 – A Good MF Year!

fourthandinchesMy second year back in the hobby was very enjoyable and offered even more opportunities to spend time having fun with my son Nick.  In February my Packers defeated the Rams of Master Coach John Wharton to win the CNYEFL championship.  As spring ran into summer we enjoyed the start of the second season of the BAM.  In August we traveled to Canton to take part in the Convention and made many stops along the way and during the trip (Penn State, Steelers Camp, Massillon Stadium, the Pro FB HOF, Cleveland Browns family day and the Rock and Roll HOF.  Fall arrived and the BAM play continued and the CNYEFL started up.  The BAM championship weekend was a great event and put an exclamation on a great year in the MF nation for us!  Tomorrow we will kick-off the 2010 MF activities with the rematch of the Packers-Bengals in the CNYEFL! Here’s to hoping for more of the same in 2010!


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