10 Things I know for the New Year 2010


As this New Year gets underway, one tends to be an optimist looking ahead.  However as the years change on the calendar, ………………..some things won’t change, ……….some things will…….for better or worse.

  1. The electric bill will continue to rise,  especially now,  with deregulation and new taxes under this “Cap and Trade” proposal (Sham), ………………pretty soon we will all be playing our beloved game by tapping the board or banging the sides of the board, ………………….. just like we used to do as kids when the switch broke!  Which is why the term miniature football is a much better term than the “trademarked” name of ^&&%$#*(  football.
  2. The nfl, the league that seems to have some sort of “emotional hold” on our hobby heart strings, will continue to posture themselves and as a  “do gooder” entity, with their bogus public service spots showing “how much we care”, while extorting and ignoring the very people that made the game worth watching, ………………….the players,……………. and fans!    It is still a mystery to me why they keep a tight fist on their billions, and ignore the men that were the building blocks of the league and set it on the path to religion………………… yeah, …………..I’m talking about the old guys, who played in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.
  3. Many more college football teams will have four or five uniforms to wear during the season and further drive many a collector/painter/enthusiast out of his O.C.D.  aka “anal”  mind to have his favorite team “in all the uniforms!”
  4. Some nfl player/clown will come out this new 2010 season with his socks pulled up like “thigh highs”, ……….like many of the strippers football players patronize.    Could it be that the “girls” have influence over how these “studs” dress?   Knee pads, thigh pads, and girdle pads have gone the way to the dodo bird!   However, it will make many a painter happy as they will no longer have to deal with painting stripes on those pesky curves on the legs of our beloved figures.  Also, those of us who are decal cheapskates will be enabled to do a team of 90 figures instead of 30, by cutting the leg stripes into thirds!
  5. The new multi uniform craze will be bad for our hobby.  Instead of the good ‘ole days, of simple Math, 32 teams, equals 64 uniforms……………….a potential licensee applicant no longer needs a truck load of money, ………………..he will need a cargo ship full of money to afford a license and stock requirements!  It will be bad for our producers of professionally done decals, as it will take three sheets of decals to do a complete team.
  6. As the hobby grows, so will the “Fly by Night” outfits that will steal business from legitimate producers by simply offering lower prices, AND inferior products…..………………….and the rest of us will still be reading “has any one heard from” posts .  (The MFCA needs to have an approved vendor list.  To get on the list,  one must have a proven track record over a period of time, like two years.   A suggestion I made about two years ago.)    Note: Serves many of you right by picking price/quantity over established quality! There is a saying………………… Buy the best and cry once!”
  7. Some of you won’t get  the“^&&%$#*(  football.” Joke.
  8. Alabama will defend their national title.
  9. 3-D Television and video games will be the rage,………………. further setting back our efforts to grow the hobby.
  10. Last,……………………..………….as Mike Tyson said after one of his fights, after he got his a$$ kicked by Lennox Lewis, ………….” I’m gonna fade into bo-blivion.  Hopefully the practice of the Gatorade  ice bath/shower upon winning the BIG Game will fade as well………………….. anyone notice that after his red bath,  Nick Saben looked pretty pissed off in PINK?

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  1. NATIONAL says:

    Well it’s great to have you back….and ripping mad to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would have titled this blog what you think you know, because most of your top 10 is as bogus as some of those haiti blk shoe teams we see on Ebay auctions.

    1. We have to get energy eff. Start putting plastic around the windows. Seal cracks. The red flag has been waving for years, we just didn’t pay any attention. Solar energy is an option. We have to help ourselves with this one.
    2. The old guys never get any respect. It’s all about what have you done for me lately. We are to blame as well…the older guys. When I was at the Pro Bowl, there was Ted Hendricks, Willie Brown, and several other former greats giving away autographs for pennies. No lines for them. I sat there and talked to those guys for about 30minutes. Down the road was the newer younger guys. Lines looked like a roller coaster ride. But there were the older guys standing in line getting balls signed and everything else, so they could put them on ebay and make more than what they paid!!! We as fans don’t show the older guys any respect, and it trickles up or down, however you want to put it and those guys don’t get any respect!
    Look at the older rappers….all of them basically broke, while these new jacks are driving around in cars that cost more money than those guys made in their careers. This is a what are you doing for me now society. PERIOD!
    3. Stop being anal. Get what you like. Nobody is putting a gun to anyone’s head saying buy this, or paint these.
    4. Speed kills. Those bulky pads slowed down players. It’s all about your 40 times. And to tell you the truth, those compression pants or stockings feel great. I play ball in them myself, but I do wear my b-ball shorts over the top (no T.O. for me)
    5. It will be good. The more the merrier. There is enough to go around for everyone. If I’m a producer of decals, and a customer contacts me that he wants a team decal sheet (all 4 unis)I’m freakin happy. I think that craze has helped the hobby. Our photo forum is through the roof with activity…you know why, because everyone wants to see what uni was done. You can say hey, GregH put his new steelers squad up…the 1st question is what uni!!!?? that’s a good thing!
    6. I hope that doesn’t happen, but everyone has a right to spend their money where they want. Is every product in your home name brand? People want to save money, and they will gamble on quality to do it. In the construction side work area, we are getting creamed by the people who are going with the cheaper price of work done by the Mexicans. We can’t beat them. In most cases the Union BA’s are trying to get them signed up. We have to unionize them to compete!
    7. I didn’t!!!!!! PM me
    8. Not a chance. USC will be back.
    9. That I agree with. It’s awesome tho!!! LOL
    10. Sabin said he was happier getting it than he would have been if he hadn’t got it. He would have like them to use water instead tho.
    I personally like it. What else should they do????

    The F.O.T.H. is Nat’l

  2. coachrip says:

    8. USC????? With whom at coach? Carroll is off to the Seahawks…….

  3. eflfanatic says:

    Coach Rip,

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with pretty much everything you’re saying.

    ^&&%$#*( football. Think about it. What brought about the term miniature football and why is the MFCA the “Miniature Football” Coaches Association instead of the ^&&%$#*( Football Coaches Association.

    On the decal issue, I won’t produce or use decals any more on any team I paint due to the trademark infringement and licensing issues. I will only paint in the old “Tudor Style” and use stick on numbers. Which means most of my teams now will be throwback, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and retro Tudor teams with the awful painted helmet logos.

    Alabama will most definetly defend their National Championship.

    With Pete Carroll going to the Seahawks, rumors are flying here that Jeff Fisher will go to USC. I hope not but he would probably be happier there since he is a USC alumni and would probably do very well as a college coach.

    The approved vendor list is something that the MFCA Board of Directors needs to discuss for sure.

    Thanks George for all you do for this game and hobby.

  4. NATIONAL says:

    okay you got me! Way over my head on the Joke. I guess I was rushing when I did my reply! LOL
    I get it now!

    Yes, scratch USC. Now that Carrol is gone( won’t do good in Seattle) I may have to go with Bama. Urban Meyer doesn’t know what he wants to do.
    It’s just hard to repeat, so I am reluctant to pick Bama.

    Chris does that mean you’re selling your current looking Titans???? I’m looking for free agents to my squad! LOL


  5. coachrip says:

    Thanks Chris.

    CorEy, ………..I should have worded #8 better, I said “Defend”,………… not Repeat, ……………..I think they will be there at the end, not sure if they will win…..as far as #7 goes, ……is that why your Fro has that “wind blown” look??????????

  6. Ken Allen says:

    Still got little pockets of negativity no matter how concealed. Why didn’t they call it the, well, you know. You really think you know people. Amazingly opportunistic.

  7. CoachRip says:

    no I don’t know………..????

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